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Bob Leisure and the Exped 15

I was apprehensive and bought this from Bob Leisure


The mat is insanely comfortable. I didn’t want to spend that much on it, but it’s 100% worth it after using it last night. It’s more comfortable than a lot of hotel beds I have slept on.

As far as Bob Leisure is concerned, it took 5 days to get it from Europe to Oregon. Someone else got it in two days. Don’t hesitate to buy from there.

I second this! I didn’t realize that they were an international company until after I paid for it and sweated a little bit until I got and email saying they shipped it. Once it was shipped it got here quick, don’t remember how long but less than it took for them to send me the email with shipping confirmation. When I bought it was cheaper than anywhere else and they had it in stock.

I just ordered an Osprey pack from them. Showed up 2 days ago but the frame is insanely bent. They shipped from Germany to Canada in a plastic bag. Still waiting on a response but I hope I don’t have to pay return shipping or duties again.

I’m late to this, but as someone who found threads like this when I was looking at this site because of a ridiculously good deal on an Osprey pack, can confirm I received my item in perfect condition. It took around two weeks, but that was largely due to it being held in customs after the folks at Bob Leisure shipped it within a few days. If you don’t mind waiting for the international shipping (unless you’re also in Germany) the site seems legit.

Anyone have issues with customs fees/duties being collected adding to the overall cost when ordering from Bob Leisure? I’m in California, found a steal on some climbing shoes on their site, but not sure how good a deal it may end up if there’s customs $$.

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