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I found these old school K2 168cm “Instinx” telemarking skis for sale and I just need a second opinion as to what boots would work with these bindings? And also if they are a good length for me (5’11”145lb) to learn on? I’m totally new to telemark skiing.

Dangit, I guess I’m old school too. They are a fine length for you. Just the regular duck billed, three pin boot. You’ll have fun learning on those.

Those should work fine, as long as they’re in good condition.

The bindings are G3 Targa Roxy’s, and while technically designed for aggressive women skiers, they should work fine for learning. Overall, it looks like a nice setup for you.

(Assuming you’re going to do lift-service skiing) Any 75mm boot will work, but since you’re pretty tall, I’d suggest looking for a Scarpa T2 (or similar). A lighter boot wouldn’t give you enough support to control the back ski, and a heavier one might muffle the feedback as you’re learning.

Hope this helps, and have a nice run!

What exactly is “lift-service” skiing? If this is a women’s set up could a guy be fine with it also? I know it’s more about hight and weight with ski size but do you think the bindings would fit a size 9.5 or 10 in men’s?

Thanks for getting back to me with all this info!

Any boot would work fine. Length is probably fine, I’d say just use teles slightly shorter than what you would normally ski.

Are you liking these?? I just found the exact same pair. I’m also 5’11/145lbs. Been alpine skiing for years and want to learn something new! what do you think??

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