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Tackle warehouse confirmed that card information was stolen.

Be sure to check your accounts. I’ve seen a lot of discussion about this in different groups recently but tackle warehouse has yet to release anything publicly or contact anyone about it. I email them this morning so I could have a record of being affected and having my card information compromised and they replied back with the information shown in the photo.

I got a couple weird charges on my card that I use frequently with TW. Thankfully I have monitoring enabled and they texted me. The charges were from across the country.

Pinning this to the top of the page for awhile so folks can see it.

just to be clear, they did not notify me, i emailed them asking if they had been hacked and they confirmed it.

Crazy they didn’t at least email buyers in that window frame to notify of the breach. I had the same thing happen brought some stuff on TW then later some weird charges overseas started showing up but CC company stopped it immediately.

I’m glad to see they are now acknowledging it I had my info stolen twice from their site and was basically told I was mistaken when I emailed them about it let me find the email to check the date Edit : it was august 8th after the second time so this happened once before even then so check your accounts

Happened to me too and they ignored my email. I posted the ss in a different comment

I haven’t ordered from TW since May, but a few weeks ago got a bunch of charges totalling over 5 grand from some crypto website.

Hold up. Something is fishy. If they detected a security breach on Oct 15th, why did their black Friday sales shit the bed, almost a month later?

based on another comment, i bet they didn’t look into it until much later than Oct 15

For what it’s worth they are still compromised. Ordered last night and had a fraudulent charge on my card this morning. Not only are they not communicating this to customers, they also have not corrected the issue.

Thanks for letting me know. I know some family members ordered gifts from them for Christmas who had never used them before. I have to tell them to check

Yup, card I used to make an order recently was compromised as well. I ordered during the Black Friday sale for reference.

Why do they always finish these missives with: “Protecting the privacy and security of our customers is our top priority.”, or words to that effect? They might as well say: “We’re totally incompetent and unable to address job #1 in our business.” (Or, like the recording in the customer service telephone queue, my call is not very important to them and they’ll be with me as soon as they damn well please.)

“We’re totally incompetent and unable to address job #1 in our business.”

nah its more like “this happened, it is our #1 priority to get it corrected.”

Most hacking is done socially these days. All you need is one employee the gets suckered into providing a password and any given site could be compromised.

Because cyber security is a reactive and constantly losing game. You can spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours securing your system to have someone find some brand new exploit that makes it all void. It sucks and it can be helped but is never entirely avoidable.

For anyone concerned about this and protecting yourself in the future…

Check out the services of privacy.com

Privacy gives you control over who can charge you and how much. Create virtual payment cards for one-time purchases or subscriptions, directly from your browser. Set spend limits, pause, unpause, and close cards any time you want.

You can lock a card to a vendor, set a spending limit, or just do one-time use. They have a very convenient app as well.

(I’m not associated with them in any way, just a very satisfied and happy user)

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