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Sandman – First appearance of Death original artwork.

It looks like it’s from the first appearance issue, but that page isn’t her first appearance. I see page 8 on CAF, and the owner says that’s the first appearance. The page you posted is page 21.

All that to say even though this isn’t the “first appearance,” a “page from the first appearance issue” is still really cool. Also just a great looking page in general. Thanks for sharing!

Very interesting, thanks for the info! Not really knowledgeable myself I just go with what people tell me. Shame I can’t change the title.

FWIW I popped open #8 out of curiosity and her first appearance is page 3. I think the seller is probably using “first appearance” the same way as OP.

ETA – I wonder if they also played with the structure a few times, because the OP page is in fact 13, not 21 despite the strikethrough and circling.

I know someone who likes to collect comics and comic art so a lot of cool stuff crosses my path, pretty neat to get to see it in person.

How much did you score for this? This is beautiful. From ‘Sandman’ #8, ‘The Sound of Her Wings’.

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