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I made a bowl with an empty CO2 cartridge and a pipe cutter, is it safe to smoke out of?

If you had the resources to make this, why didn’t you just order a real bowl?

Not tryna be that guy, I’m just curious.

I’d assume there’s better things to smoke with.

Well I had a bunch of empty CO2 cartridges, and a pipe cutter, sooooooo yeah, that’s pretty much it. BTW a the pipe cutter I used isn’t some massive machine or anything, it’s just an $8.00 little thing that you tighten onto a pipe and then twist until it is cut in half.

If it is made out of steel then you should be safe but if aluminum I would not smoke out of it.

Pretty sure that wouldn’t be safe, lots of metals and such you don’t want to expose to heat then inhale.

There is added lubricants in these CO2 cartridges, also they might be made of aluminum, if not, alloyed steel – which are both toxic to smoke from.

EDIT: Just stick to glass, it’s the cleanest and safest material to smoke from.

If it’s stainless steel (iron, carbon, nickle, chromium) its most likely absolutely fine. Also isn’t regular aluminum fine as well? I thought it was just foil that can get much too hot and give off fumes as it’s much thinner.

I heard that the aluminum thing was a myth, and considering the melting temperature of steel, I don’t see how it can be dangerous.

Burn off the lube on the inside and outside, clean it up with some rubbing alcohol, then get some foil and dip it into the bowl, fold over the edges, and poke some holes in the bottom, you’ll be fine.

Could make a pretty good steamroller I recon.

Very nice cut on that, good job. It’s not safe to smoke out of however. These are made out of galvanized steel. I’m quite certain it’s not very harmful, but the zinc plating can create nasty vapors.

I’ve been doing research and I found out that only the outside is galvanized. So maybe it’s safe?

I did this before! I’m alive and well so you should be fine. Use sand paper to smooth the bowls ridge and inside.

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