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Disgusting Boat Rebuild!

Get yourself a good boat cover…even if you plan on keeping it in the garage. Things come up and sometimes you need that space for storing other things.

Also, if you change the oil, the lower unit fluids, and the filters every year…and check the grease in your wheel hubs…you should have no problem keeping that motor and trailer running for another 10 years.

Boats are black holes that suck money. That is just a fact of owning one. But if you spend the money on the front end for yearly maintenance, they will cost you significantly less in the long run. Not to mention, breaking down on the lake sucks a fat nutsack.

my fiberglass bass boat once shorted out on the lake while we were night fishing… thinking it was no big deal i dove into the lake to swim it in. When i hit the water i heard screws come up and sure enough a boat just like this one drives right over the back of my boat. The guy turned and towed me in to file a complaint with the sheriff who promptly told him that he was the responsible party as my boat was clearly disabled and he was moving at speeds not conducive to seeing a disabled vessel. That was the last hours of my bass boat. 🙁

A little boat like that isn’t too expensive to maintain. Just look at how he completely restored it for $900.

Now my dad’s boat is a money sink, but so is his car. I don’t know what he does to his stuff…

When I lived in Washington state we would use a 12′ boat to run crab pots about a mile off the shoreline where we lived. One day the outboard got salt water in someplace it shouldn’t have and we had to paddle all the way back to shore.

I lost a lot of interest in boating after that…

Came here to mention all of this, clearly you know what your doing or have been around trailer/boats before. The grease in the wheel bearing hubs is one I see a lot.

A wise friend once told me, ‘If it floats, flies, or fucks, it’s cheaper to rent.’

No offence op but your step dads a wally a $40 boat cover could have saved you all that trouble and saved that lovely new looking boat.

This cuts a nerve with me because i had to “rescue” my father in laws boat that also didn’t have a $40 cover but our boat is from 1970s. Ours wasn’t as bad as yours but if we hadn’t have rescued it i reckon it would have been unsalvageable in a few more years.

Anyway ours is all garaged now and we did a lot of work to improve it and make it more sea worthy so happy ending!

Go on Craigslist and look for the billboard vinyl signs people have. Can get a very very nice cover for $10

FYI: Boat stands for “Bust out another thousand.” Very good tips on preventative maintenance, those steps will save on the unexpected repair bills and on-the-water breakdowns. .

Try breaking down in the ocean and dealing with SeaTow. Sucks multiple nutsacks, and a few assholes.

My sister an BIL have a sail boat. So, not so much a black hole as free fun from mother nature.

I used to have a shitty boat.

One time the lower unit went out on it and I got towed in by a pontoon boat.

Filled with retards*.

*Captain was normal. Rest were retards.

TLDR: Got towed back by the short bus of boats

Also be sure to run that motor once every few months. Ethanol gas is a bitch on these small motors.

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