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Got a fishing kayak. Is it supposed to have these holes on the bottom? Lol

I wish my kayak had scupper holes. I got into kayaking last year and got on a sit-in pelican kayak and love it, pretty stable but basically if I flip over out in open water I’m fuked and gonna have to swim (in my life jacket) back to shore which could suck depending on the wind and how weedy the lake is lol.

I’ve practiced re-entries with it and the little water it gets in it by flipping over makes it so it doesn’t support my bodyweight anymore without sinking. Perhaps I can try one of those bilges for kayaks and pump some of the water out before I try reentering.. I haven’t tried that.. But my understanding is the sit-on kayaks with these holes I wouldn’t have to worry about that and should be able to climb right back on without it sinking.

If that’s what those are that is, could be so you’re supposed to unplug them after to help drain the water out easier.

Wait. Why do you want water inside the kayak ? And why would having said water inside it prevent you from getting back on it. Mine is also a sit on. But it filled up majorly with water when I took it out fishing last week

What do you mean? The other side is the part you sit on. Should I plug these holes? It fills the inside with water lol

Scupper holes…I plugged mine…just be mindful that if you do plug them it made my yak sit just a tad higher in the water which in turn makes it a little more tipsy…I just got tired of getting soaked. If you get caught in rain the boat won’t drain so pro’s and cons to either

From the picture I’m 98%sure I have the same kayak, those are the supper holes and on this one you’re gonna want to keep them plugged because they don’t drain well and if you’re over like 150 they’ll take in water. It won’t sink you, just get you wet.

If it didn’t come with little grey plugs for them you can buy supper plugs for pretty cheap, or you can get a pack of foam practice golf balls and a halved ball makes a great plug.

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