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Going though some new ammo I wanted to try. But this is just ridiculous. Grizzly ammunition in Oregon smh

Those are not new rounds, those are reloads from brass that experienced some kind of failure. A lot of those dents are from the lugs that happen when a rifle experiences either a double feed or a bolt over run.

Says “factory new” on box. I think they might have a different definition on what that means

I’m not a picky person but like, come tf on. How can it be this bad? Or am I tripping?

Honestly I’d have serious reservations about using any of the ammo. If they’re willing to sell that garbage as factory new and/or have QC practices so bad they missed those, I’d be very concerned about what other shortcuts they might have taken.

Exactly my thinking. Safe to assume nothing was done properly. Out of 500 rounds, 30 have really bad dent. Another 100 or so have smaller dents. Ridiculous that this is even sold

Federal American eagle is all I have shot. Haven’t picked up any since the whole COVID situation. Never had any problems with it.

I had some bad grizzly ammo before too, I stay away from them all together. I had a 10mm brass casing split in half in the chamber and I had to use a threading kit and a cleaning rod to beat it out. Grizzly sucks. Stay away.

I wouldn’t shoot any of the rounds that don’t show those defects either. Send it all back.

Bought a case of 500. Out of the 250 I’ve checked so far. The ones pictured are the worst so far, another 30 have smaller dents.

Now I know that the .223 at the range is shide. Thank you for this photo so I know what to look for when I get a new box.

Those are dents caused by over-lubricating the cases during the loading process. It is not a sign of great QC…

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