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NTD – Today I’m joining team Red! Got sick of Harbor-freight junk and borrowing tools from my parents.

I’m a 21 year old dumbass, trust me dude watch out, my money started flying out of my wallet ever since I bought Milwaukee, not a regret just I guess sort of advice?

yea, i feel that, and its definitely good advice. but personally for me (being 36 now) i’m in a place in my life where i can afford to take a bit of a plunge into Milwaukee like this.

I’m 23 and my internship is helping me pay for more Milwaukee and of course car parts. Better than spending it on alcohol and drugs I’d say.

Do yourself a favor and get the multi-tool if you use tools for work or if you’re doing drywall, or trim, or odd sanding, or scraping grout and/or tile (although I bought a scraper attachment for my sawzall, it works alright). Honestly my multi-tool is one of my most used tools, besides my impact and my sawzall and maybe my circ.

It eats batteries like a demon, so a couple more batteries might do you right, but even if you don’t and just rotate your current batteries on your charger, a multi-tool can really be a life-changing tool. They’re a relatively new school type of tool, but I wouldn’t go back to not having one.

cool! im planning on picking up some more batteries next paycheck. I’ll look into the multi-tool as well

Swap the blade on all your stuff for Diablo blades. Much better quality. Great set!

i agree, there’s definitely going to be some future additions to this haul and that will be one of them

Great kit! As you inevitably look at getting more, I’d highly recommend a rapid charger and some of their High Output batteries! The FUEL line of tools get a little extra power bump when you use them!

yeah i can fit everything in the big bag if needed no problem, though it is a bit heavy

I am going team red as well since last month and collected a good amount of stuff. The only difference is I am collecting one tool at a time and usually in some or the other deal with batteries. I am scared to put together a list of all the money I spent. haha

Great kit, got the same deal with the free jigsaw last black Friday sale at HD, use every tool (some more than others). Also replaced a bunch of scrappy HF tools and various cheap corded tools. The battery life of the Fuel tools is amazing.

That mini screwdriver that I bought for my wife is probably the handiest thing ever.

Did you buy the jigsaw separately? They have a deal going with 2 free batteries. You should look into exchanging that ASAP.

Jigsaw with free 5.0 for $199 or Jigsaw with 8.0, 6.0 and charger for $299. Both at HD but out of stock online. Good deals.

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