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what does the star on my gun mean? I have them on 2 of my tanks

Or you got more than a 65% damage standing for the tank idk

It means you’re somewhat decent with two tanks compared to the campers, lemmings, yolos, and arty players that have also played those tanks. You cn look at the tanks from the Profile tab in the garage, there will be a percentage for each tank at tiers 5 and above. 65 gets you a star/stripe/stripes/skull. 85 gets you the next level. Separate, observe other players in game, if you’re looking to improve, maybe pay attention to how they play, where they go, etc.

it means you’ve been a good noodle, and have been awarded by mrs. puff, a good noodle star

It means your average damage in that tank is better than 64% of people that have played it.

and i believe they are assigned at 65%. 85% and 95%. but once you get one, no matter how bad you do you keep the MOE.

P.s. OPS congrats

Well, whatever you do, don’t get 3 marks, then you’ll out game over, dude lmbo

You did good on the surprise quiz… Next is a smiley face stamp.. Congratulations!!

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