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Shrink a wetsuit in the dryer?

It’s the time of the year to switch back to my 4/3 suit, but I’ve lost quite some weight since spring. Went from a size 8 to 6.

Problem is, I bought a new suit this spring, size 8, which I’ve literally worn for 3 weeks. I want to know whether it’s possible to slightly shrink a suit? In the dryer perhaps? Any tips, succes stories or failure stories are highly appreciated!!

Duuuuude no! don’t put your wetsuit in the dryer lol!

Edit: wait, this is a shitpost isn’t it? This sub is the only place on the internet that consistently trolls me lol

Wish it was a shitpost, but I’m just a kook I guess.

In my defense; I got inspired by this article

Was already afraid of this. Then I’ll just have to surf in an uncomfortable suit until my next paycheck. Thanks anyway!

Just make sure you have 100% cotton based neoprene in your wetsuit and you’re good to go. You might have to call the manufacturer to confirm since they don’t always publish the neoprene source on the wetsuit.

Bro definitely don’t put that shit in the dryer. Sell it and buy one that fits. You’re gonna ruin it.

You could add some layers underneath to add warmth and bulk. Some merino leggings and a nice cable knit jumper will help it fit and keep you toasty all session long X

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