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24 ft sea hunt has been sitting on a lift for 6 years. Hull is flooded and not sure what the next steps are to get this boat to try and start. Any help is appreciated!

This is your boat or are you considering buying it? There is no telling what could be happening before you dry it out and inspect the hull thoroughly. You may have to open it in places to make sure it is structurally sound.

It’s my friends moms boat. The hull seems to be solid as there are no soft spots. Guess really need to drain it first. Assuming we will need two new batteries and replace the oil tank as that leaked to let oil in the mix with water

Pump sprayer. Diesel gasoline. Few styrofoam coolers. Dig ditch with backhoe. Smores. After you take motor off.

Start by draining the hull, then perform a full service on the engine, then you can hook a battery and try to start it.

The big question is the wiring harness. and the engine.

you probably have some wood rot. But you may be able to use it a few years.

Fire it up and chase the gremlins!

-check and fill fluids

-swap a battery in

If it runs well, get it up to temp and the change all fluids.

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