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Aldi Basa fillets may be unsafe to eat.

Singling out ALDI is bullshit. Basa is sold everywhere and it all comes from exactly the same area and stock.

Cause of Death: Consumption of Basa Fish

Oh FFS. What a load of shit. Do you know how much over-toxified fish you would have to eat to die from it? When you lead with such a bullshit headline, don’t expect me to take you seriously.

Is it possible that the after-school fish stick snacks you have been feeding your child could possibly be contaminated with deadly metals such as mercury?

Anyone ever feed their kids fish fingers? If so, you have probably thought to yourself, but fish don’t have fingers.. If you were really worried about the “toxic” ingredients, you’d only feed your kids shit you grew/caught/killed yourself and were confident were non-toxic. Anyone here go to all that effort with their food? No? I wonder fucking why..

To summarize everything in a few words: basa fish may be poisonous!

Well no shit!

Go catch anything out of Sydney Harbour and it’s probably just as bad. You’re literally a fucking idiot if you eat fish and don’t consider where it is sourced from.

June 24, 2010 by KIMBERLY TRUONG

Thanks /u/dadashton, you’ve made this sub’s day by posting a 4-year old link which discusses bullshit in a hyperbolic manner.

What a shit post.

Thanks. Your anger communicates little. Why not simply say it rather than rant it?

Basa are farmed “freshwater catfish”. Missed the doco years ago did we?

They live over the pens in the Mekong river, and everything goes into the water, I’ll let you dwell on that.

Edit, it’s also a pretty bland fish. The article is not really very good, it’s more of a blog than an actual news article.

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