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Small steel vial, it looks like a small Co2 cartridge (about 3/4 the size of a Co2 cartridge). The cap is threaded and a alloy. The cap does not look like it has a hole or is meant to be pierced. The cylinder is hollow and when shaken seems to have a small bit of powder in it.

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Likely solved. They do make small threaded Co2’s in 8 grams, compared to the normal 12g cyclist and BB guns use. Perhaps the cap was on it so it could be carried without risk of puncturing it.

My title describes the thing, it’s about 2.5 inches long 3/4” diameter. It’s smaller than the co2’s used for bicycles and pellet guns and seems to be made of heavier steel. I have tried searching co2 cartridges, small gas cylinders, early co2 cartridges, gas cartridges, pocket welding kit, handheld torch cartridge plus variations of those.


threaded 8g co2 cartridge. Probably cap just to protect the threads not the opening. Multiple uses from bike tire fillers to BB guns.

I though of that, i think the powder inside is just rust, there is a very small amount.

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