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Holosun SCS on G5 G19 match made in heaven

If you’re like me and you love Glock for the low bore axis, then you’ll also love an optic that sits so low you can cowitness with stock sights. Made specifically for MOS.

It’s better than I even expected. And I love that they had the balls to commit to not just a brand but a specific model within a brand. Literally purpose built.

Same. I really want brands like Trijicon and aimpoint to hop on this train asap.

Fuck yes. Glock 17. Everything is love with the mos scs. Thanks holosun. 500ish rounds

Seriously considering giving the 17 one as well, even though it does not need the low profile

Worth the upgrade from a 507c x2 in red dot with an aftermarket plate? Will this sight be more concealable?

This optic is superior in every way. Not to shit on the 507c or anything but they aren’t even in the same league. The SCS is a RMR killer in my opinion.

I’m not certain. I thought the red dots were available too if you can find them, but my eyes prefer green anyway so I didn’t wait.

From what I understand they’re not releasing a red. The red emitter couldn’t meet their needs for efficiency and brightness due to the design of the optic.

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