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What do you guys think of Alabama rigs?

I think salt water fishermen use these types of things for marlin and big game, because it looks like a school of fish.

Its illegal in my state and banned in BASS tourneys, but I still want to try it out. Its not like it suddenly hooks fish for you. There was a guy I read about who caught 19 lbs of smallmouth on one cast which is a little much…. but would be fucking incredible in a state like mine that doesn’t get very many 5 lb bass a year.

I’m a C+R fisherman, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with people keeping fish in a shitty bass state like Iowa with this sort of rig.

Elaborate rigs like this, to me, provoke more the question of what the impact might be if you lose the thing than how many fish it could catch.

Isn’t there enough shit floating around in waterways?

I’ve used a sabiki to catch bait fish from saltwater piers before but I don’t think I’d put more than two hooks on a line that was set for catching what I was actually targeting.

i have pretty much the same set up for catchin little mackrel and sometimes poddy mullet, they work a treat for bait, but thats all i would use them for, using something like this for bigger fish seems like a bit of overkill

Personelly I don’t like them. Here in TN we can only use three hooks so lots of people but spinner blades on the top two wires. I just can’t stand them.

I had never heard of it. I had to look it up and watch several youtube videos of it.

It’s a goddam abomination.

Seriously. What in the fuck people? As a fisherman you think this is OK?

What in the actual fuck?

If you use something like this I hope you fall out of your boat and drown.

Having used these rigs in tournaments myself,I can say with absolute certainty that they are not all they are being hyped up as. Certainly, they can be absolute dynamite, but so can jerkbaits on cold windy days, frogs on thick grass mats, square bills on rip rap, and jigs under docks. The truth of the matter is that this rig is good for just about one thing: targeting suspended bass. The angler must still find these fish and use the rig at an appropriate speed/depth.

Based on what I have said above, I believe the A-rig is no more than a tool in the box. It is by no means a superbait.

That’s a staged photo in a parking lot I believe.

As far as anything tournament wise: If FLW, BASS…whatever tournament allows it and it’s state legal, well…you can’t really complain. I think most of the complaints I’ve heard derive from the fact that people think these level the playing field and reduce the skill needed to win a tournament. I heard the same sentiments from the same people with the advent of sonar, the fish calling/noise devices, chatterbaits, swimbaits…etc. The bottom line is that good anglers will adapt and overcome to win. Personally, I take bigger issue with the tournament stops timed with the spawns where guys go and yank EVERY single big female off of the beds.

When it comes to fishing them personally, well shit…I don’t have a problem with it. I’ve used double fluke rigs , teaser flys in front of swimbaits, u-rigs for stripers, sabiki rigs for bait and hopper dropper rigs for trout. At what point along that spectrum does the Alabama rig fall? Is it because of the sanctity of bass fishing that people take issue with these? Is it because guys are catching doubles of 4 and 5lbers? Well hell, that’s fun and what amatuer angling is all about.

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