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Who ever said Harbor freight tools don’t last?!

It’s not that none of them last. It’s that

most of them don’tthis one is the last.

It’s not that none of them last. It’s that most of them don’t last.

I still haven’t seen a Harbor Freight tool that lasted.

If I were OP, I’d carefully pack this one up and send it to the Smithsonian. This may be the rarest power tool on earth.

Well the thing is, this particular one was made in 1989. So if course these last. Anything after 1999, yeah those don’t last, cars, TVs, phones, tools, anything and everything is MADE to break.

Their stuff is always hit or miss – I have a heat gun that I bought 12 years ago that still works perfectly, but I bought a grinder once that literally blew up when I plugged it in the first time.

$59.99 in 1989?! That would be on par with some of the more expensive HF tools today. $120 for an electric disc sander…

Yep. It’s short for “it certainly does the job if you don’t need tight tolerances”, which for most people is perfectly fine. “is effective at its intended purpose” is absolutely a compliment. It’s just that some people try to use it for the wrong purpose.

I’ve got lots of hf tools and very few complaints, aside from drill bits that untwist. My angle grinder can chooch with the best of them.

aside from drill bits that untwist

That is when you switch the drill bits over to chisels!

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