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Got out for evening bite last night. Bite was tough but marked a lot of fish.

Nice have not been able to go out for a long time do you have any recommended baits or lures?.

Thanks! Fresh herring or bunker chunk is how I fish for them. Some people do well trolling certain lures as well. Hope you get out there soon!

If you live in Virginia the Chesapeake Bay season aka “the Spring Run” opens May 1-15 but it’s a 1 per day/slot length.

Striper and Red Drum are on some hard times right now here. Not as bad as Weakfish, but…oof. We’ve been trying to recover it for ten years and the restrictions keep going up. Red Drum is bouncing back cuz it’s mostly a Rec fish but commercial Striper won’t let up.

Hudson River opens April 1st north of George Washington. April 15 south of George Washington

What a beautiful fish,it looks like this year the fish “gods “ are in your corner way to go.

Stripper is such a great eating fish! Enjoy. I bake them w crushed Ritz crackers garlic and Visalia’s on top.

awesome fish dude the stripers are out in force right now! just blew em up with my dad last weekend, after trying every saturday at 6am for 3 weeks we finally hit it big and racked up 13 bass between us. 6 inch dive baits on a troll at 4-5mph in the water is the way to go in the raritan bay!

Thanks! Glad to hear you guys banged them up. I’ve never tried trolling for them but always wanted to. Tight lines!

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