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a comic about shaving ( @irl_donut )

I hate when parents do this. Istfg it’s always “boys don’t need to shave their Legs” I DOTN FUCKING CARE!!!! Boy or not, hairy legs feel weird and it’s physically uncomfortable QwQ

i explain this to people, and they don’t seem to understand?? like i literally have hairs catch on fabric and pull uncomfortably if i don’t?

“boys dont need to” and girls dont need to either, but both can if they want

Smooth legs feel nice and that’s enough reason for any person to shave them.

My mom be like “Plenty of people have leg hair” and I’m just like BRUH. And gesture my hands to my fucking cute-ass short-shorts that almost don’t go past my crotch and then my disgusting leg hair which must cease its existence now

Just because leg hair exists doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get rid of it

Everyone should be allowed to shave whatever. Some people simply don’t like body hair.

i’d shave my legs and honestly everywhere else even if i was cis tbh. i cant stand hair other than on my head

My issue is when I let my legs go and get hairy they feel perfectly comfy just in a completely different way than smooth so its just hard to motivate myself sometimes even when I want to be smooth

I always get too scared to shave my legs (and arms), but I really want to because the one time I did shave off a few parts it felt so smooth and nice and aaaaaa

I think it varies from person to person. I can’t say my leg hair has ever been uncomfortable. Though the legs do feel great shaved. Shaving my face is awful though. I get ingrown hairs everywhere. Break out, and it itches like fucking crazy. And it sucks because it looks sooooo bad. But comfort>looks is op. And masks kinda cool too….

all it takes is a random draft from my AC and I start slapping my legs thinking there’s bugs on them

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