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Christopher Kimball to Leave America’s Test Kitchen


Edited to add some background from the presser:

“Since its inception, Chris has been an important component of America’s Test Kitchen, as the co-founder of the business. We made every effort to offer Chris a reasonable contract that reflected his significant contributions to the company and are disappointed that we could not reach agreement,” said David Nussbaum, CEO of Boston Common Press.

Wow. I know ATK isn’t loved by everyone on this board but I personally love Chris and everything on that show. The podcast is what’s really going to hurt me. I guess I’ll be looking forward to his next venture.

I know ATK isn’t loved by everyone on this board

Really? Ive always been impressed with ATK/Cooks Illustrated/etc. There is definitely some really weird chemistry on the show at times, but the actual content is always spot on.

I’m a fan of his taste testings — he does not shy away when he hates something.

I too did enjoy the podcast. Although have they started recently (in the last year or two) started doing reruns on it? It got annoying and I recently unsubscribed because the same content was rolling in.

Agreed. I have at least 4 of their cookbooks and use them a lot. Also had been hoping to subscribe to the magazine. Listen to the podcast every week. This really sucks.

I always saw ATK as being Chris’ kingdom. At times it has a weird vibe but it won’t be the same. I’ve enjoyed their podcast very much.

The foodlab has replaced ATK and Good Eats as the go to reference for me anyway. Still a bummer

I wish Serious Eats Foodlab would stop mixing it’s editorial and advertising efforts. So many articles touting commercial products.

It doesn’t effect my “trust” in their cooking and recipes but certainly their reviews and evaluation of cooking equipment and products.

How do you replace good eats? There is no equal when it comes to Alton “badder than Dalton from Roadhouse” Brown.

I’ve come to the same conclusion after watching a few disappointing ATK episodes.

eh, advertising and being trendy will keep me on team kimball. he wasn’t part of any of that shiznozz.

There are very few corporations in America these days that are entitled to my loyalty–they are simply too big, simply don’t care about the person, they are inflexible, sell mediocre goods / services, etc.

America’s Test Kitchen wrapped itself on quality at almost every juncture of its lifespan with Kimball at the helm. I don’t know what Kimball was like as a human being; however, his direction was solid.

I am afraid ATK will become “corporate” in the worst sense of the term.

I would bet PBS won’t be their viewing platform much longer and the wisdom and trust in their suggestions will also be lost (as is typical when corporations and their sociopathic mindset take over).

This article from 2 months ago makes me think your suspicions are right.


ATK is nice. I subscribe to Cook’s Illustrated. But my god, once you subscribe to one thing, they abusively harass you to subscribe to all the other things. Got the print mag? Get the website subscrip. Got the web subscrip? Get the combined Cooks Country and ATK website subscrip. Hey, maybe give a gift subscription for the holiday! Would you like the book as well? Jesus H. it infuriates me enough to cancel it.

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