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Snap Swivels for Trout?

I was trout fishing a river yesterday using spinners and kept on getting horrible line twist from the fast water twirling my lures around so fast. I use a spinning reel with 4lb flurocarbon, so they instantly sinched up and required me to just just cut the line and re string. I read online that a solution would be to use a snap swivel to lessen the line twist, but Ive always been weary of using extra hard ware when fishing for trout. Has anyone had any success using snap swivels for trout or should I just suck it up and deal with the line twist? Thanks.

I still did catch a nice fish that day.

I use a size 10 barrel swivel 15″ or so up from the spinner. I like Spro Power Swivels.

Do you still maintain casting accuracy/ distance having 10 innches of line between your rod tip and your lure? I would have probably known when I fished alot but I havent been in 6 years and I have forgotten quite a bit. Im using 6’6inch ultralight medium action if that helps

55# torpedo brand ball bearing snap swivels. We have them on everything.

If your trying to get stealth you can put a barrel swivel on then a leader to tie directly to the bait.

I tie my spinners directly to my line. I never had much luck with swivels with spinners.

I typically use 6 or 8 lb mono and just tie it on there. I don’t use fluoro when I cast lures

I just use flouro for trout because of how line shy they are. Maybe ill try using mono instead

Ill use barrel swivels as well, I believe they are mustad brand. I got them from walmart in like a 25 pack, there’s a low weight one, like 8-10lbs and a 50 lb one. I use the 50 for catfish and carp rigging and it works great there. Then I use the 8-10lb ones for trout. Ill tie them on when I’m using a spoon or spinner and anything else that might give me bad line twist. Its worked out really well, still get bites really often.

I use a size 14 black barrel swivel and don’t run into any issues. I often fish in very fast water as well and as far as I can tell the swivel doesn’t spook the trout I’m targeting. However, I most often use black lures and I’m not sure if it has something to do with that.

(I also use 4lb fluoro)

Do you lose casting accuracy as opposes to just tying youre lure or bait directly to the main line and having it close to the rod tip? I only ask because alot of my favorite spots have tree cover and its difficult to safely cast with alot of line being swung around on the cast

The best way I have found is to attach tiny ballbearing swivels directly to the spinner with a tiny split ring and then tie your line to the lure like normal.

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