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Just setup an in-line sprinkler manifold/controller but getting a water hammer when I turn one of the controllers on. Any thoughts? Any reason I shouldn’t have installed this vertically instead of flat on the ground?

Orbit valves are garbage. One fix would be installing a water hammer arrestor.

You could regulate your supply better, lower pressure and flow help prevent the high speed water hammering when the valves rapidly close

Water hammer is caused due to high water velocities. One way to attempt to fix this before buying/replacing any equipment would be to close your shutoff valve a little (maybe 1/3) before your manifold to regulate your flow a bit. If that doesn’t work then consider swapping the one valve out that has issues, it may be closing too fast.

May I ask if you have some sort of backflow prevention device before the valves?

This won’t fix water hammer, I’m just curious

I do not, this is connected via a hose water outlet. Do I need it? The manifolds are well below the hose spigot its connected to with about 20ft of distance so cant imagine there/s be any chance of backflow.

Ya, I’d take those orbit valves back to home depot and get some Hunter or Rainbird valves.

Explain to me like I’m 5. Why is a backflow device required in a situation like this? How is water ever going to make its way back up through the valves and up in elevation?

If you were to pour (food grade) blue dye (a lot) into your sprinkler lines, and give it a day and a pressure drop from the street for any reason, your house water would be blue.

Now imagine that blue dye is actually ammonium nitrate (fertilizer) or bug killer like Ortho seven, or weed killer, like atrazine.

Backflow preventers work when the pressure drops from the street and creates a slight siphon from your irrigation lines back into your house, and possibly, back into the streeet mains.

This doesn’t necessarily apply if you use a separate pump from your household supply

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