Dead sticking hook ups

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Hi I’m looking for tips on a way to improving hook ups on my dead stick rod. I was switching between small jig heads and plain hooks, but results were so so. The hits were plentiful, but I was actively flipping and drifting my slip bobber, so my reactions to the dead stick hits were a bit slow.
I’m thinking about try a jigging spoon to see if the treble hook we induce more self hook setting.
Here’s a pair from Saturday

circle hook

May be a dumb question but what is a “dead stick rod”?

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Woodworker42…a dead stick is a “Do nothing “rod that you put in a fish holder and wait for the fish to grab your offering. I would try a drop shot set up with the offering about two feet or three feet abouve the bottom. Give it a little slack so your offering will move just a little in the current.

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Kinda like a extendable crappie pole that doesn’t have a reel, right shipahoy41

Open the gap of your hooks a little. I use 1/64 and 1/80 oz jigs all the time, which have very small hooks. If I use them straight out of the package I miss a lot of fish. If I take that same hook/jig and open the gap just a bit, the fish are much easier to hook. In fact they often just hook themselves. Something easy to try before you make any drastic changes.

It is not about the equipment you have to use,
It is about how you use the equipment you have. 😀

Hmm… I’ll try the drop shot. I had it tied up with the VMC spinshot hook, but I didn’t get to it. I open the gaps up regularly on my jigs. It does help with hook ups and it also helps the light wire hook bend easier to get out of snags.

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