CT Boating License Test Questions And Answers

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Are you ready for the ‘CT boating license test questions and answers? ‘ For this quiz, you must ascertain the two types of boat hulls, how many different engines are there, what a capacity plate entails, the hull identification number, why alcohol, drugs, and boating do not mix, and describe the float plan. This quiz aims to get you prepared to take the Connecticut Boating Exam. Please answer all the questions correctly, and we hope you attempt all the questions for good preparations. Let’s see how well you perform! We sincerely wish you good luck!

Planing and Displacement

Displacement and Rounded

Planing and Flat

Flat and Rounded

Vee-Bottomed, Round-Bottomed, and Planing

Flat-Bottomed, Plow-Bottomed, and Round-Bottomed

Vee-Bottomed, Round-Bottomed, and Flat-Bottomed

None of the Above

Inboard, Outboard, Stern-Drive, Bow-Drive

Inboard, Frontboard, Stern-Drive, Jet-Drive

Outboard, Bottom-Drive, Bow Drive, Inboard

Jet-Drive, Outboard, Stern-Drive, Inboard

Same laws as boats

Same laws as cars

Same laws as all other maritime vessels

Same laws as boats in addition to laws specific to PWCs

Maximum Weight Capacity and Maximum Person Capacity


Both A and B

Maximum Weight Capacity or Maximum Person Capacity

Float Plan

Flight Plan

Certificate of Safe-Boating

None of the Above

Names of people, their addresses,

Boat description including make, model, registration number, license number

Details of trip and contents of boat including location, destination, estimated time, and number of life jackets, phones

All of the Above

Certificate of Safe-Boating and Certificate of Registration

Certificate of Number or Connecticut Certificate of Decal

Certificate of Connecticut Decal and Certificate of PWC operation

Certificate of PWC operation or Certificate of Decal

Block Letters and 3 in. high

Balloon Letters and 4 in. high

Block Letters and 2 in. high

Block Letters with no height requirement

Is a series of digits on the back of the hull placed by the manufacturer

Is engraved on fiberglass boats or on a metal plate and placed on transom

Is on all boats made after October 1st, 1972

All of the Above

You may keep it and apply for a Personal Watercraft Operation Certificate as well

You may give it to a friend after obtaining your PWC certificate

You must return it when applying for your certificate of PWC as you cannot have two certificates

None of the Above

10mph, 50ft., 100ft.

Slow, No Wake Speed, 75 ft., 100 ft.

20mph, 100 ft, 200 ft

Slow, No Wake Speed, 100 ft., 200ft.

Bow, Stern, Transom, Raised Seats, Lawn Chairs

Bow, Transom, Hull

Bow, Gunwhale, Transom, Seat Backs, Seats on Raised Decks

Bow, Raised Decks, Transom, Hull, Stern

Impaired Balance, Poor Vision

Bad Coordination, Impaired Judgement

Slower Reaction Times

All of the Above

Good times and lots of lulz

1.0%, 0.08%

0.06%, 0.05%

0.08%, 0.02%

0.04%, 0.02%

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