Cross-Border B2B Car Dealer TRADE X Expands to Dominican Republic

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Cross-border auto trading platform TRADE X has announced that it will be rolling out in the Dominican Republic.

Dealers and fleet owners there will now be able to import used vehicles from other countries, which the company said in a Monday (Sept. 5) press release will let them “meet customer needs, access hard-to-find models” and boost profits.

Auto dealers, fleet owners, rental companies, mobility solution providers and importers can access TRADE X on their desktop or on the company mobile app, according to the release.

Dealers will be able to search for specific makes or models with the platform’s “instant request” service, review specific search results to evaluate prices and “make vehicle purchases in a safe, transparent and secure manner,” the release stated.

The company offers dealers a streamlined business process, cutting out parts of user responsibility like “logistics, quality checks, sourcing of registered importers, real-time price analysis, homologation, re-titling and customs clearance,” all of which TRADE X handles itself, according to the release.

“The Dominican Republic is a fast-growing market with strong demand for cars and light trucks, yet its dealers and other buyers often struggle to find inventory for their customers,” said TRADE X Global Senior Vice President of Business Development Eric Gosselin in the release. “TRADE X is a fast, easy and safe way not only to find the right make and model of vehicle, but also to purchase and import them into the Dominican Republic without having to worry about logistics and bureaucratic hurdles. The platform handles everything from purchase to delivery.”

In June, TRADE X announced it was expanding its “Brain” platform, which gives insights into global vehicle availability and valuation.

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The company said it was enhancing its data science team, which will focus on employing the data and analytical capabilities to the company strategy of adding new international trading corridors.

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