CRC® Jump Start® Starting Fluid with Lubricity, 11 Wt Oz

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ITEM# 1003843



CRC® Jump Start® Starting Fluid with Lubricity, 11 Wt Oz


Get your stubborn engine running with CRC Jump Start® Starting Fluid with Lubricity. It’s the perfect solution for starting engines, whether diesel or gasoline fueled. In a variety of weather conditions, including extreme cold or humidity, CRC Jump Start® is effective and safe to apply. Faced with an emergency jump-start? CRC is the solution you need!


For use in both gasoline & diesel engines. Spray in air intake or air cleaner while engine is off.

CRC® Jump Start® Starting Fluid with Lubricity, 11 Wt Oz

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Get your Engine Started, even in Cold Temps and Humid Weather

CRC Jump Start® starting fluid quickly and economically re-starts your engine in both cold and humid conditions. It is specially formulated to work and withstand even the harshest winter weather, in freezing temperatures as low as -65 degrees Fahrenheit. Jump Start® is enhanced with an upper cylinder lubricant, Lubricity, which further minimizes engine damage during cold starts. Protect your car while safely getting yourself back on the road.

One Starting Fluid for Multiple Engine Types

CRC Jump Start® is the only starting fluid you need for your car, truck, or other small engine needs. This starter spray can be used on diesel engines and gas engines (petrol engines), making it economical and versatile. A bonus: this starter fluid spray can be used on other carburetor fuel systems as well, including snowblowers, lawn mowers, and motorcycles. No need to buy a separate car starter fluid, small engine starter fluid, carburetor fluid, 2 stroke starting fluid, and diesel starting fluid. One can of Jump Start® is the all-in-one solution across your engines.

Where to Spray Starter Fluid

Applying CRC starting fluid is easy.

  1. Hold can in an upright position.
  2. With engine off, spray once or twice into air intake system (air cleaner, carburetor, or intake manifold).
  3. Crank engine and, if necessary, continue to spray while engine is being turned over until it begins to run smoothly.
  4. Do not flood engine before using.
  5. Starting fluid should not be used in diesel vehicles equipped with glow plugs.

Car won’t start? Snow blower won’t fire? Lawnmower difficult to start? Get your car, truck or small engine moving when you need it! Even in high humidity or freezing weather, this quick start spray is the only carburetor starter fluid you need — saving money and waste. CRC Jump Start® Starting Fluid with Lubricity is a must-have for car maintenance.

Brand CRC
Case# 1003842
Color None
DOT Proper Shipping Name Aerosols, Flammable, LIMITED QUANTITY
Evaporation Rate Fast
Flammability Class – CPSC Extremely Flammable
Flash point (C)
Flash point (F) <20°F
Ford Tox No. 189537
Generic Description Starting Fluid (Standard Strength)
I 2 of 5 Code 30078254056716
Item Number 05671
Net Fill 11 Wt Oz
Plastic Safe Yes
Propellant Carbon Dioxide
Treatment Ratio Pre-existing Condition: Not Applicable,Preventative Maintenance: Not Applicable
UPC Code 78254056715
Unit Dimensions 7.75H x 2.63W x 2.63D in
Unit Package Description 16 Ounce Aerosol
Units per Case 12
VOC % (Consumer Product def) 97
VOC % (Federal) 94.5
VOC Category Not Regulated
VOC Lbs./Gal. (Federal) 12.2
VOC g/L (Consumer Product def) 679
VOC g/L (Federal) 1465.3
VOC lbs/gal (Consumer Prod def) 5.66

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