Crappie Bream Hybrid?

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Interesting little fish

Hello all Im new to the forum but I ran across a old post thats closed while researching crappie bream hybrids. I caught 3 fish recently that I havent caught before and it looks to me like a crappie bream mix. Im familiar with shell crackers and Im pretty sure its not one. I say that bc that post I came across had several replies saying it was a shell cracker. Have a look and let me know. Caught 3 in a canal near my house in South Louisiana.

Interesting little fish

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Flier. Never caught one , only seen pictures here. Search flier and you will see more pics.

Flier bream. theres a pond right by my house full of them. Theyre pretty cool little fish imo.
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Here’s one I caught in a friend’s pond.
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Mark 1:17 …I will make you fishers of men

Mark 1:17 …I will make you fishers of men

As the others have said … it is a Flier ( Flier (fish) – Wikipedia )
But, don’t waste your time searching for a Crappie & “bream” crossbred hybrid … they don’t exist.

It happened again. Just when I thought I knew everything you guys proved me wrong. Never heard of them until now.

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