Costa Prescription Lenses by Revant Optics

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It’s Fast, Easy, and Affordable

First, you pick your lenses. Then you send us your frames. We will make your lenses to your exact Costa prescription and install them in your frames for a precise fit. And lastly, we ship your glasses with fresh new Rx lenses right back to your doorstep.

Shop Prescription Lenses
Don’t have a prescription? Check out our non-prescription Costa replacement lenses.

  • Free US Shipping & Returns
  • Fast Delivery & Service
  • Guaranteed Fit & Accuracy

glasses with clear prescription lenses
sunglasses with tinted prescription lenses

Available in Clear and Tinted

We have all kinds of lens colors to choose from for your Costa prescription sunglasses ranging from Crystal Clear to Emerald Green, which is perfect for fishing. We also have Blue Mirror lenses, which are perfect for any Costa frame.

Materials Matter

Get great quality Costa prescription lenses made from your choice of a high impact resistant premium Polycarbonate material, high clarity Trivex®, or ultra thin and light high index material that provides amazing optics. We offer a variety of prescription lenses for your Costa sunglasses including clear lenses, polarized lenses, non-polarized lenses, and low light lenses.

Light Responsive Lenses

We are proud to offer Transitions®️ light responsive lenses. These lenses darken when exposed to UV rays then fade back to clear when indoors, eliminating the need to carry around both vision correcting glasses and sunglasses.

Transitions lenses are light responsive changing from clear when inside to dark when in bright sun

Premium Coatings

You have the option to upgrade your lenses with a premium coating that protects against scratches, glare, smudges, dust, and water.

Clear lens with premium coatings applied

Prescription Type

There are two types of prescriptions – Single Vision and Progressive.

Single Vision

Single Vision corrects only one field of vision (near and long distances).

Single vision lenses have an equal surface of corrective vision across the lens

Progressive Vision

Progressive corrects multiple fields of vision (near, far and reading distances), all in the same lens.

progressive lenses have zones of vision correction from distance, mid-distance, and close for reading

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