Choosing The Top 7 Trailer Tires For Heavy Loads – Reviews in 2023

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If you’re mostly into the towing job, you need to make sure that you are adequately equipped for the specific job. You must know that you cannot rely on any trailer or auto equipment. You have to ensure choosing the right tires and trailer to perform towing. Since trailer tires play a critical part in the towing aspect, it is necessary to check before you take on the job. As it is about safety and efficiency, always make sure to choose the right one. Before we talk about the best trailer tires, we will check out the major parameters that we keep in mind while choosing the trailer tires.

  • Load rating: Every trailer tire has the ability to bear a specific weight. So, it is a need for the riders to understand the upper limit of the tire before choosing. Most commonly, the trailer tire load range is generally expressed in letters from B to F. Tires categorized into the load range B are generally the ones that can bear the least weight. However, the tires that are in the F category have the ability to handle the most weight. You have to make sure about your towing requirement or service while choosing the load range of the trailer tires. Always keep in mind that a higher rating means high-quality and tough tires.
  • Compatibility: While you are buying the trailer tires, you always have to make sure if the component or the tire that you are choosing is compatible with the trailer. Remember that every trailer has its own manufacturer manual where you can find every information you require. If you are unable to find the manual, it is better to ask the local mechanic in order to find the necessary details. While you check the compatibility, size is one of the biggest concerns. You have to make sure that the wheel size matches and supports the trailer.
  • Size: The next most important thing that you require to consider is the size of the trailer tire. You have to make sure about the size before you buy to make sure that it fits the trailer. You will find a special combination of letters and numbers on the trailers, which talks about the appropriate size. It will look similar to 75R15/ST225. The ST generally stands for special trailer tires, and 225 talks about the weight in millimeters. The 75 is the height represented in percentage, and R is the radial, which is 15. The entire combination of numbers and alphabet talks about the size of the trailer tires. You have to check and consider it while choosing the best-fitted trailer tire.

While there are several other major considerations that you have to make while choosing the best trailer tires, these are the top three that you cannot miss out on. Even when we will find out in detail about the other considerations in the latter section of the “Buying Guide”, we will now find the top 7 best trailer tires you can choose. Make sure you read the following to find out the specifications to help you make an informed decision on trailer tires.

Best Trailer Tires 2023

Best Trailer Tires Speed Rating Load Index Rating Load Capacity Size Buy Now
Grand Ride Trailer Tires M 117 2832.9 Pounds 225/75R15 Check On Amazon
Carlisle Radial Trailer Tire M 107 2150 Pounds ST205/75R15 Check On Amazon
WHEELS EXPRESS Inc Trailer Tire 1820 Lbs ST205/75D15 Check On Amazon
Libra Trailer Parts Free Trailer Tires M 111 2400 LBS ST205/75R15 Check On Amazon
TRAILER KING Trailer Tire L 117 2833 Pounds 225/75R15 Check On Amazon
ECUSTOMRIM Trailer Tire M 101 1820 Lbs ST205/75D15 Check On Amazon
HI-RUN Trailer Tire L ST205/75D14 Check On Amazon

The 7 Best Trailer Tires Reviews

1. Grand Ride Trailer Tires

The Grand Ride Set of 4 Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires is a renowned manufacturer who has been manufacturing tires and parts for more than 15 years. Since they have always paid attention to quality, this US-based manufacturer ensures the best quality trailer tires. Being specialised in tires and parts, they are able to achieve a great customer experience. This set of four trailer tires can be a great choice for those who are looking for strong tires.

These trailer tires have a load capacity of 2832.9 pounds, and the load index rating is 117. The size of the trailer tires is 225/75R15 10PR. However, if you require trailer tires of other sizes, make sure that you check their details. The tires are included with a nylon cap ply overlay that provides strength to the structure. It is used throughout the entire tread area.

The full nylon cap ply overlay has been specifically designed to prevent the separation of the tread. It is an essential safety feature that is upgraded to ensure the best and safest experience. In addition, the Scuff Guard feature on the ring of this tire wall provides better side protection on the tires.

Rated with 10 ply ratings with a load range in it, it is a heavy-duty trailer tire. With a steel belt and speed rating of M, the tire can move up to 81 m/h with great durability. This tire is specifically designed for trailer use and does not include any rim.


  • It has a size of 225/75R15 10PR.
  • 2832.9 Pounds of load capacity.
  • 117.00 of load index rating.
  • The speed rating of M, which means the tires can go up to 81mph.
  • Scuff Guard feature to get better side protection.
  • A Full nylon cap ply overlay to provide strength.
  • 6 inches of rim width.


  • Decent trailer tires.
  • Met the expectations.
  • A great choice for heavy duty.
  • Fantastic load capacity.
  • Fits perfectly.


  • Blew out within 3 hours of use.

2. Carlisle Radial Trailer Tire

The Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire is a great quality trailer tire that has no rim included. It is specifically manufactured for trailer use. This specific trailer tire has a load index rating of 107.0 and a load capacity of 2150 pounds. It makes sure that it is a great choice for taking heavy duties. The 205 mm section width will help you to choose as per your requirements.

Though the brand offers a wide variety of sizes for trailer tires, this specific tire has the size of ST205/75R15 D. You will be able to choose the right fit as per your trailer’s requirement. It has a speed rating of M and a tire diameter of 27.13. So, you have to make sure that you check the manufacturer requirements of your specific trailer before you choose the trailer tire.

Keeping in mind the range of other features required, this trailer tire has been included with wear resistant tread compound. The specific feature will provide ultimate wear performance for an improved towing experience in the coming years.

Apart from this, the proprietary tread contour and pattern included in this specific trailer tire will help to get rid of irregular wear conditions. Besides, the variable pitch patterns on the tire have been given to reduce road noise. You can enjoy the ultimate experience when you choose the right size for the right trailer.


  • The trailer tire has the size of ST205/75R15 D.
  • It has a load capacity of 2150 Pounds.
  • 0 is the load index rating of the tire.
  • The speed rating is given M.
  • No rim included just the tire.
  • Wear Resistant Compound to provide minimum performance.
  • Proprietary Tread pattern and contour to get rid of unfavorable wear conditions.
  • Variable Pitch Pattern to reduce road noise.
  • Available in a range of sizes.


  • Great value for money.
  • Excellent tire quality,
  • The load range is simply great.
  • Enough strength to ensure durability.
  • Fits well with the trailer.


  • Mounting the tire can be a big task.

3. WHEELS EXPRESS Inc Trailer Tire

The WHEELS EXPRESS White Spoke Trailer Wheel is the next one on our list that has a tire size of 205/75D15. You have to make sure that you check the manufacturer’s information on your trailer before you choose the size and ensure the correct feet. It has a load range of C with the ability to hold up to 1820 LBS. It makes sure that you can enjoy the ultimate experience.

You can check the picture to find the bolt configuration. The design of 5 Lug 4.5″ Center has been created to offer the right fit. It is a great choice to be used with most boat trailer brands. Some of the most common brands include Caravan, Nitro, Continental, Alumacraft, Regency, striper, sun tracker, and a lot more.

The use of steel on these trailer wheels provides the ultimate durability. The load index rating of 101.00 and 15 inches of rim diameter will give you the information to make the best choice. You have to check these specifications before choosing the trailer tire for the ultimate experience.


  • The weight of the tires is 38 pounds.
  • Steel construction ensures durability.
  • 00 of load index rating.
  • 5 holes for bolt patterns.
  • 205/75D15 tire size.
  • Ability to bear 1820 Lbs.
  • Compatible with a range of boat and cargo trailer brands.


  • It is the best purchase.
  • Great pricing.
  • Installation is super easy.
  • Very solid built.
  • Quality is superb.
  • The tires are exactly as described by the manufacturer.


  • The price is lower locally.

4. Libra Trailer Parts Free Trailer Tires

The LIBRA 4 Heavy Duty FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires is a premium quality choice with 10 ply rating. It has a load index rate of 111.0 with the load range E. This means that the trailer tire has the capacity of bearing 2400 LBS. This huge ability to bear weight makes it a heavy-duty trailer tire that can be used for several trailing purposes.

This trailer tire has a speed rating of M which means that it can run up to 81 mph. The tire is specifically designed for trailer use, and it does not include rims with it. The manufacturer has significantly upgraded it to make it the best choice for heavy-duty use.

The design also includes a full cap Ply overlay on the tire to prevent tread separation. This is an important safety feature that the owners mostly check to ensure durability and longevity over time. It also has scuff guard protection, which keeps the sidewall of the tires protected from damage. It ensures that the tires do not wear off easily and stay in the best design to offer excellent performance throughout.


  • The speed range of the tire is M which means it can run upto 81 mph.
  • 00 load index rating.
  • The size of the tires is ST205/75R15.
  • Ability to bear 2400 LBS.
  • Designed with Full Cap Ply Overlay that prevents tread separation.
  • Best inbuilt safety features.
  • 10 Ply rated to handle that extra weight.
  • Scuff Guard provides proper sidewall protection.


  • A great choice for heavy-duty use.
  • Lasts longer than other tires.
  • Great choice at this price range.
  • A durable choice.
  • Can easily handle the loads.


  • Heavy vibrations.

5. TRAILER KING Trailer Tire

The Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire has been carefully designed to meet the recent demand for the trailers. These tires were designed with modern requirements that provide excellent appearance and uniformity. This trailer tire has a load index rating of 117 with a load capacity of 2833 pounds. It makes these tires a great choice for heavy-duty work. This trailer tire can provide you with the ultimate performance at this price point.

The tread design has been specifically optimized to deliver exceptional resistance, durability, and strength. So irrespective of your wide range of requirements, this trailer tire has the ability to live up to your expectations. It has a speed rating of L that can meet all your latest requirements.

The centre groove of the tire has been specifically designed to provide stability and consistent tracking. It also has an improved shoulder design that increases heat dissipation, resulting in less wearing out and longer tread life.

The inclusion of nylon overlay construction has been done, and most of the sizes of this particular brand of trailer tire maintain durability and strength while taking higher loads. This is particularly a trailer tire, and the package does not include rims.


  • 117 of load index ratio.
  • 2833 pounds of load capacity to take bigger loads.
  • The speed rating of L and load capacity helps to take a range of load applications.
  • Improved stability and tracking with center groove.
  • Optimized tread depth to reduce rolling resistance and improve tire life.
  • Longevity of tires with effective heat dissipation.
  • Nylon overlay construction for improved durability and strength.
  • 28.3 inches of tire diameter.


  • Great quality of tires.
  • The tires look really strong.
  • A reliable choice.
  • The load range is simply fantastic.


  • Price is on the higher side.

6. ECUSTOMRIM Trailer Tire

The ECUSTOMRIM Trailer Tire On Rim has a tire size of 205/75D15. This tire has a load range of C, allowing it to take on huge loads. With the weight rating of the tire being 1820LBS and a maximum pressure of 50 psi, this tire can be used for a multitude of trailing purposes. This tubeless tire can be the perfect choice for users who are looking for high-quality trailer tires.

It has a rim weight of 5 inches and a diameter of 15 inches. With a load index rating of 101, the trailer tire tends to become the perfect choice for your requirement. Apart from this, it also comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty to help you with any type of damage.

It is compatible with some of the most renowned boat trailer brands like Nitro, Continental, Alumacraft, Stripper, Sun tracker, Triumph, Warrior, and a lot more. Keeping in mind the need for compatibility with cargo and utility trailers, you can easily combine this with some of the big names like Lark United, Road Force, Quality Trailers, Triple Crown, Wells Cargo, Performance Trailers, Miska, and a lot more.


  • 101 of load index rate.
  • 5 inches rim depth.
  • Compatible with 205/75D15 tire size.
  • 1820 lbs of load capacity.
  • Ability to hold max pressure of 50 PSI.
  • 2 years of manufacturer warranty.
  • Steel construction to ensure durability.


  • Great quality tires.
  • Perfect fit with the size.
  • The price is great.
  • Very sturdy built.
  • Product received as it is described.


  • The maximum pressure of the tire did not match.

7. HI-RUN Trailer Tire

The HI-RUN Trailer Tire is a great quality trailer tire compatible with the size ST205/75D14. It has a rim size of 14 inches and a tread depth of 8.2 mm. It is specifically manufactured for the purpose of trailing and which is why it includes a high-quality design in the tires.

It has four circumferential grooves that help the tire assist with slash and water evacuation. It also becomes beneficial in eliminating hydroplaning risks. The solid centre rib of this tire improves the traction, handling, and stability of the tire while being used.

It also has the strong rubber included in the tire that becomes helpful in resisting chips, cuts, and punctures. Since these are specifically designed for offloading and trailing, the strong rubber inclusion can prevent damage from rocks and promote the longevity of the tires.


  • The compatible size of the tire is ST205/75D14.
  • 14 inches of rim size.
  • The four circumferential grooves prevent slush evacuation and water splash.
  • The tire is designed with improved reduction of hydroplaning risk.
  • Designed with a solid center rim ensures proper handling and stability.
  • The use of strong rubbers can be beneficial in resisting chips and cuts.
  • The inclusion of rubber reduces punctures.
  • The tire has great longevity.


  • Perfect trailer tires.
  • Works as described.
  • Does a good job.


  • Some users did not find the tires good.

Buying Guide for the Best Trailer Tires:

With some of the top trailer tires included in the above section, hopefully, you will be able to find out the top specifications you require in the trailer tire. However, if you plan to choose the best trailer tires away from the mentioned names above, you have to make sure that you learn about the specific features in detail. Considering all these features while choosing trailer tires can only become beneficial in making the right choice. So, the following section will be completely dedicated to the essential factors to consider when choosing the trailer tires.

1. Compatibility:

When buying trailer tires, the first thing you need to be sure about is if the components you choose will be compatible with your trailer. Every trailer is designed specifically with the specific owner’s manual. Here you will find all the information about the trailer. In case you have already launched the manual, it is advisable to talk to the local mechanic. Make sure you are well aware of its compatibility while choosing the tire. Whether it is the size of the tire or the rim, everything needs to be compatible to fit perfectly with your trailer and provide the best experience.

2. Size:

The size of the tire is one of the major considerations you need to look at before choosing a trailer tire. Remember that when you choose a larger or smaller sized tire than the mentioned one, it will not fit perfectly and will not be able to provide you with the best experience. Apart from that, it is a must for you to choose robust trailer tires that have larger treads if you are more into off-road trailing. Thin and small tires are great for normal activities, but when it comes to trailer tires, it is better to choose larger and more robust ones. However, make sure that you check the size while choosing the trailer tires. The size generally comes in a combination of numbers and letters, which you will find in the manual.

3. Load Range:

Every trailer tire is intended to bear a maximum weight. For example, if you are choosing a tire with an upper limit of 1800 LBS, you should be aware of choosing your activities accordingly. Most of the trailer tire load range is expressed in the form of letters. They are generally from B to F. The tires that are categorized under the load range B are unable to handle the least weight, while the ones that are categorized under F can handle the most. The type of tire you require depends on your activities. However, to be very true, a higher letter rating is always better as it ensures high-quality and tough tires.

4. Tread:

Even when hardly some people pay attention to the tread in the tire, it is one of the most influential things that ensures grip. Tires that have larger treads will be able to acquire an improved grip on the road. The rubber grooves are included in the tire design in a manner to add traction that prevents the trailer from sliding, especially in wet areas. Trailer tires that have bigger space between the treads will have improved grip, but they will be louder at higher speeds.

5. Shock Absorption:

The trailer tires that are not designed with a proper shock absorption mechanism will have greater damage. With better shock absorption, the trailer will face less damage to its body. Since tires can easily absorb the harsh bumps on the road, with better shock absorption design on the tire, it can prevent your trailer from getting damaged. So, it is a must for you to check the design and the sidewall strength to ensure better shock absorption.

6. Speed:

If you have to haul farm equipment from a bumpy county road, you will not be traveling as fast as someone driving a car on the highway. These are the two applications of trailers that will probably require two different tires. So, there is a need for the tire manufacturer to provide you with information about the speed that it can cope with. You have to make sure you choose a tire that can easily handle the speed you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: The tire longevity depends on the quality, the surface you are driving on, and the frequency of using your trailer. Most of the experts will recommend you to replace trailer tires after a few years or in specific seven years. It depends from one brand to another. In case the tread gets low or the trailer tires start showing signs of aging, it is always advisable to get it replaced rather than causing damage.

Ans: If you want the best experience, it is better to check the tire pressure of each trailer tire before every journey or once a month. In case you’re going for any major shift, especially in temperature, you must check the tire pressure in advance. Remember that an abrupt change from cold to hot may immediately decrease tire pressure. So you must be aware of it before you choose to use the trailer for the intended purpose.

Ans: There is a range of differences between passenger car tires and trailer tires. The treads present on trailer tires are not as thick as car tires. Besides, the car tires are specifically built in a manner to operate efficiently at higher speeds, whereas the trailer tires can carry weight and might not be able to ride as fast as the car tires.


So, after getting comprehensive knowledge about the best trailer tires and a buying guide, hopefully, buying trailer tires will be easier. However, if you’re waiting for the top three expert recommendations on the best trailer tires, check out the following section.

  • Grand Ride Set of 4 Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires has the size of 225/75R15 10PR and 2832.9 Pounds of load capacity. A Speed rating of M means the tires can go up to 81mph. Additionally, designed with a full nylon cap and scuff guard provides strength and sidewall protection.
  • LIBRA 4 Heavy Duty FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires have a speed range of M which means they can run up to 81 mph. 111.00 load index rating and size of ST205/75R15 with the ability to bear 2400 LBS make it the best fit. It is designed with full cap ply overlay and 10 ply rating to acquire exceptional protection and strength.
  • Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire has a speed rating of L and load capacity 117 helps to take a range of load applications. It has improved stability and tracking with a center groove. The nylon overlay construction for improved durability and strength.

And that’s all! With all the information mentioned above, it can become easier to make the right choice of the best trailer tires.

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