CC Wordless Outtake: Who Says Camrys Can’t Tow?

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Shot 4/15/2018 near Lowell, OR.

I’m sure the transmission loves the workout. Wow.

Ouch. I’m pretty sure I strained a muscle just looking at this picture, let alone what the poor car must be going through.

I’m all about not using too big of tool for the job (looking at you F-350s used to tow a small ski boat), but this is way, way too much.

That trailer weighs well over 7k pounds, probably closer to 9k or 10k, and no amount of transmission coolers, upgraded shocks and staying under 55 MPH could allow this Camry to safely pull that.


Can and should are sometimes two different things

That brings back memories of a friend who had a 1993-ish LeBaron convertible and towed his 20′ boat with it. Maybe that is why he got a Jeep Larado next. I can’t fathom how he pulled the boat out of any launch with that LeBaron, but he did. I feel sorry for whoever bought it used and had to replace the transmission.

That’s clever. The trailer says “OUTBACK” on it so that you know where it goes in relation to the tow vehicle. They put warnings on everything nowadays.

I wonder if that Camry got a similar fate to that Renault 5 who towed a caravan as well?

My Gran drove Renaults, and she would give me the official Renault Autoworld magazines they sent her. One of their boasts was how often they would win towcar of the year awards from the Caravan Club.

One year the 5 GTX of that generation won its category, and I recall a photo of it towing a 4 berth caravan almost as big as that one, but that R5 looks like a base model. The GTX had the “massive” 1721cc engine.

That’s a funny video

In developing countries you see 70s Corollas&Datsun 120 Ys towing trailers.

They don’t have the lawsuit culture that the U.S. does.

That Renault video is what I think of, every time I hook my camper up… “an ant, pulling a loaf of bread”

It’s not the getting going of that setup that’s bothersome, it’s the getting it to a controlled stop that really matters.

With the Toyota having a towing capacity of 1000 pounds & the trailer with a minimum weight of 4500 pounds, this was obviously staged. Nice work Paul !

There are people out there trying to do the exact same thing with minivans (the front-wheel-drive ones). Whoever was driving the Windstar in this picture better have funds ready for head gasket & transmission replacement. It’ll pull the load for a little while, but the damage WILL reveal itself in the end.

Towing capacity with brakes is around 1500 kg, 3300 lbs. US van makers must use very light weight materials.

KJ in Oz

I don’t think the unibody construction would hold up to the pressure and weight of a trailer. You would pull the car apart with that much weight. I would hate to be the person who innocently buys that “used” car because Camry’s are so “reliable”

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