Casting Rod vs. Spinning Rod: Here Are The Things You Need To Know

Casting Rod vs. Spinning Rod

There's a big battle between casting rod vs. spinning rod, which side are you on?

Well, these two rods are actually very different, and each is intended for a certain technique and style. As an angler, it's very important to know the differences between these two, so you can make the best choice when selecting a rod.


So if you're quite confused and want to learn more about these rods' key features and benefits, then you've come to the right place. Let's break down the difference between these two rods and find out which is the best fishing rod for you. Please keep on reading below.

The spinning rod is available in different sizes and ranges from light action to medium. Whenever you use it during fishing, this rod will then bend due to the strength of fish bite on its line. The eyelets will all then be pointing downward while the line will feed out and pull down.

Anyway, what makes the spinning rod famous is that it makes fishing much easier, so it's a good rod to begin with. It's even great for children since they are not that heavy or long. It uses a spinning reel that can be found below the rod too; as a result, it will be much more comfortable to hold and is less wearing. It also helps that spinning reel is much lighter in weight, so you can hold the rod longer without getting too exhausted.

However, due to its limited length and weight, the spinning rod does not have the best casting accuracy and distance. You will not be able to cast the lure as far as you want it to. It also does not have much strength and backbone into it. This means it's not going to be your best choice if you're after with large fishing as it will likely snap if you get an extremely heavy fish on its line.

What Is A Casting Rod?

On the other hand, the casting rod is quite the opposite. When the fish bites onto its line, the rod will bend over while its eyelets are facing upwards. If you're just new to angling, this might be a little confusing and difficult to start with and master. This is the reason why casting rods are mostly used by professional or advanced anglers.

The first time you use it, expect plenty of trial and error until you master its technique. You might find yourself changing the line more often than you usually do, and this will take up not only your money and time but also your patience; so only get a casting rod if you're already ready for a long term investment.

But the real beauty of this rod is that once you get the feel of using it, the advantages will begin to roll in, and I'm sure you there's no way you're going back to spinning rod anymore. Spinning rod will be pulling away the eyelets from its rod, making it more susceptible to breakage; but with the setup of a casting rod, the eyelets got a minimum risk of breaking due to the force since the rod will be supporting the eyelets.

In addition to that, casting rod uses casting reel which is not like the spinning reel that tends to occur on and off the spool’s lip, creating so much friction. Casting reel allows the line to roll off the spool, so it minimizes friction and gives way to a smoother roll. This will give you the advantage of remarkable casting accuracy as well as great casting distance as you practice and improve your skills.

Casting Rod vs. Spinning Rod: What Will You Choose?

Casting Rod vs. Spinning Rod: What Will You Choose?

Now, which one between the casting rod and spinning rod should you use? As I already said above, these rods have their advantages and disadvantage, so the best rod will likely depend on you as an angler.

What's great about spinning rod is that it is easier to master, making it a great rod for beginners who are just planning to fish just for fun. This rod will make it easier for you fish and help you build your skills; this will absolutely one way to make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

The casting rod, on the other hand, takes some time to learn. However, you will realize in the long run that it offers better performance, making it ideal for serious anglers. Unlike spinning rods, casting rods has heavier coverage. It can accommodate more than still fishing and trolling, which the spinning rod can only do. It also works best in handling heavyweight catch as its line twist are much stronger than the spinning rod which line twists are not secured.

So if you're now ready for a new challenge and advance to the next level, then casting rod is your best bet. Though you can't go wrong, either way, the best rod will always depend on you. As long as you take a look at its features and benefits, you will find one that will fit you best as well as the type of fishing you enjoy.


Knowing the contrast between casting rod vs. spinning rod is an important piece of knowledge you should gain in order to purchase the right rod and reel that will meet your preferences. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the two rods will also help you decide which method will work best for your purpose.

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you understand the critical differences between the two rods. If you still have any more questions in mind, feel free to leave them at the comment section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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