Car-Boat Wax/Polish (HIGLOSS707)

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WORLD’S BEST POLISH (Great for Cars/Boats/RV’s, Planes, etc)

Hi Gloss 707 is a patented product with 12-component protection.

Easy on – Easy Off
Contains no silicone or abrasives
Cleans, Protects and Polishes all in one application
Replaces all other waxes and polishes
Can be applied in direct sunlight
Can be applied by hand or machine
Protects against salt, air pollution, acid rain and ultraviolet rays
Removes tar, insects, surface rust, tree sap
Removes oxidation and leaves surfaces looking new
Excellent for clear coat finishes
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
Has antistatic properties
Freezing will not damage the product
A 500 ml bottle can do more than 10 cars
Saves you time and money
Once you have used Hi Gloss you will never use another wax or polish again.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Application instructions for Car-Boat Wax/Polish


Good for Cars, Boats, Planes, RV’s, Trucks, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Personal watercraft, Off road vehicles, Household Appliances and much more. Great on all painted surfaces, acrylic enamels, fiberglass, gel coat, chrome, glass and much more

Application Procedure:

1) Wash surface
2) Shake bottle well.
3) Apply a thin even coat of concentrated Hi Gloss finish on surface with a clean damp lint free cloth or slightly damp microfiber cloth.
4) When surface turns to a haze wipe off with another dry microfiber cloth.

Can also be used as a car wash solution (3 caps per 9 liters of clean water)

Q: What are the different surfaces that can be polished with Hi Gloss?
A: All painted surfaces including chrome, fibreglass, gelcoat, aluminium and smooth plastic surfaces such as patio furniture.

Q: Can I clean my windows with Hi Gloss?
A: Yes, Hi Gloss is excellent on windows and cleans off any invisible film that may not come off with a regular window cleaner.

Q: Is Hi Gloss available in large containers?
A: Hi Gloss is available in .5 litre containers, 3 litre containers and 200 litre drums.

Q: Can I apply Hi Gloss on a new car or a newly painted surface?
A: Yes, Hi Gloss is perfectly safe for new cars or newly painted surfaces. It is a silicone free product and non abrasive. It will help protect and keep your car looking new.

Q: Can I apply Hi Gloss on old oxidized surfaces?
A: Yes, Hi Gloss contains excellent cleaning agents and will help remove oxidation (dead paint layer) from the surface. It will help bring back the original colour of your car.

Q: Must I polish my car in sections or can I apply Hi Gloss to the entire surface and then polish it off?
A: You can apply Hi Gloss in sections or do the whole surface all at once. Hi Gloss can even be applied on days when the temperature is 100 F. It will not cake or bake on the surface and will polish off easily to a beautiful shine.

Q: Can I apply Hi Gloss in the sun?
A: Yes, Hi Gloss can be applied in the sun, up to 100 F.

Q: Can I apply Hi Gloss on smooth plastic surfaces?
A: Yes, you can apply Hi Gloss on smooth plastic surfaces. If the surface is textured then you must use Plastic Care 707.

Q: If I have used another wax or polish on my car and I see white residue on my plastic surfaces or moldings what do I do to remove this white residue?
A: Use Plastic Care 707.. It will remove any white residue that may have been left behind by other waxes or polishes and give the surface a new and original look.

Q: Can I apply another wax after I have applied Hi Gloss?
A: Hi Gloss is a one step application. It replaces a cleaner, wax and polish. It contains cleaning agents, carnuba wax and acrylic. The cleaning agents help clean the surface of dead paint (oxidized paint) grime, tree sap, road tar, bird droppings, insects etc. Carnuba wax is the best wax in the world and acrylic provides you with the best protection you can get. Acrylic protection is much better than Teflon & will not break down like Teflon based polishes. By using Hi Gloss you save a lot of money. Instead of 3 products (a precleaner, a wax and a protector) you now have to use only only 1 product.

Q: How long will my polish last?
A: Hi Gloss will last for 4 to 6 months depending on your driving habits and weather conditions. Test results revealed that even after 35 car washes one could still find some Hi Gloss on the car surface.

Q: How often do I have to apply Hi Gloss?
A: We recommend applying Hi Gloss at least twice a year but you can apply it as often as you like. It does not build up like other waxes and does not leave the surface looking hazy or streaky. The more you apply Hi Gloss the shinier your paint will look. Many of our customers who compete at car shows use Hi Gloss just before the show as it is quick and makes their car look like it has a new paint job.

Finally a product that lives up to its claim.
I started using your wax at the beginning of the summer on our tractor trailer and love it. We have put on approximately 28,000 miles and have run into numerous rain showers. Amazingly the truck looks good after all the time and miles. To maintain the look all I do is wash weekly and chamois. I enjoy being able to use your product in the direct sun light. Our truck is black and the finish your wax gives our truck is unbelievable, just like a mirror.
At the Hamilton Nationals I was given a sample of your Plastic and Vinyl cleaner. It is simply the best I have ever tried. It even removed the brown residue that was left behind by previously used cleaners, that I didn’t even know was there.
I can hardly wait to try your new spray wax and will let you know how I like it.
Laurie Hickox

I have used your Hi Gloss polish for all painted, chrome, and glass surfaces during the last two years. As you promised, this polish is easy to apply, even in direct sunlight! Producing a show-car quality shine with no ‘elbow grease’, Hi Gloss enhances and protects these surfaces against weathering and has provided continued protection even after several car washings.
Allan Kernot
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Enclosed are photos of my 1988 Ford Crown Victoria, taken during the summer of 2002. We purchased this beauty 7 years ago with the current mileage showing 190,000 km.
Winters in Central Ontario can be harsh, as can two teenage sons, with this vehicle surviving both. The only bodywork required was paint on both sides from the stripe down and applications of your Parasol Hi Gloss wax, which I have used now for 5 years. I have found that your 500 ml container can wax this car upto 4 times and as you can see, is well worth the money. I recently had the opportunity to try your Parasol Plastic Kleen product on the interior and vinyl roof and have concluded that it surpasses any product I have used in the past.
Rick Fraracci
Orillia, Ontario
Automobiles Silver Star
Montreal Inc.

Just a little note to thank you for the fine service and excellent products that you have introduced us to, for our fine cars.
We are very happy with both your Hi Gloss polish and Plastic Kleen for the interior and will now start to also offer it to our customers.
Larry Lane

J’aimerais, par la presente, vous remercier de m’avoir fait connaitre un de vos produits. Etant alle au salon nautique j’ai decouvert votre produit Hi Gloss, en me procurant 4 (500ml) pour nettoyer et redonner du lustre mon bateau.
La raison pour laquelle je vous ecris, c’est qu’il est rare de nos jours de ne pas se faire conter des blagues; nous sommes malheureusement trop sollicites avec des produits qui, trop souvent, n’ont pas les caracteristiques enumerees sur les contenants.
C’est pourquoi je me dois de vous feliciter d’avoir mis sur le marche un produit qui repond a mes attentes et pour lequel vous vantez des merites bien fondes. Vous pouvez etre certains que je me ferai un plaisir de le faire connaitre a tous mes amis du monde nautique et autres.
Bien a vous,
Madeleine Desjardins
287 Rue du Parc
St.-Joseph-du-lac, QC

Suite a l’achat de votre cire Hi Gloss au salon de l’auto sport de Quebec, j’aimerais savoir comment je pourrais me procurer d’autres contenants de votre cire.
Apres en avoir fait faire l’essai a mes amis, ils ont ete emballes par votre produit. J’aurais besoin de 4 contenants de 500 ml de cire Hi Gloss,
Je vous remercie d’avance.
Michel Cloutier
(418) 652-9999

I’ve finally gotten around to sending you great photographs of the results your wondrous products have achieved. I was a little skeptical upon purchasing what to me was an expensive product. Being in the line of complete automotive restoration, I’ve tried everything from $2.99 waxes to $110.00 glazes. Upon applying one coat of Parasol High Gloss, I saw immediate results, not only was it easy to apply, It was even easier to remove! I applied it in full sun on a hot summer afternoon. There was no scratching, in fact it hid the scratches, brought out the “deep-wet” shine of my cars, and protected them to boot. Not only did it last the weekend, it lasted a whole year under acid rain, salt, sand, dust and road tar. Speaking of Road Tar, having only one coat of High Gloss Parasol made bugs and tar wash off my cars with no effort, just rinsed them away. It also has antistatic properties so my cars didn’t get as dusty. Unlike other waxes and glazes, Parasol didn’t leave a buildup or residue and it went on smoother with the second coat. I’m sending a few before and after photographs, for anyone to see the difference!
Thank you so much for introducing me to the most excellent product!
Matt Peredery

Here are a few more photographs of before and after’s. As you can see, there was a tremendous difference. To show you even greater results, I photographed my firebird after stripping all the wax off in Photo (#2 Before). I then waxed it with Meguiars 3 step (cleaner, glaze, wax) Wax system. You can see the results improved the vehicle’s shine, after a long tedious day of detailing. In photo (#2 After), Meguiars wax was stripped, then Parasol was used to finish the vehicle. As you can see, the results were spectacular! Both shine and protection against the elements were increased.
Thank you once again for the best product on the market!
Matt Peredery

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