Can You Catch Fish with Corn? [Short Guide]

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Successful fishing depends on numerous factors, and choosing the right bait is one of the most important ones.

Depending on a fish species you are trying to catch, you will always have a few bait options.

For many fish, one of those options is corn. So, …

Can you catch fish with corn?

YES, you can! Fishing with corn is very popular, and it works excellent. There are numerous fish that will gladly bite it. To use it, you can enhance its effectiveness by adding attractants, which is very popular for carp fishing. Corn is cheap, easy to use, and widely accessible.

  1. Can You Catch Fish with Corn?
  2. Is Fishing With Corn Illegal?
  3. What Fish Can You Catch with Corn?
  4. How to Fish With Corn as Bait? Best way …
  5. Conclusion



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Can You Catch Fish with Corn?

As I already mentioned, YES you can!

This versatile bait has been used for a long time, and anglers around the world use it on a daily basis. It is suitable for smaller hooks, and even complete fishing beginners can use it with no problems.

Corn can be used to fish for a lot of different species, but I will mention more about this later on.

Because corn is so small, it can be mounted on very small hooks, or used on hair rigs. You can even combine it with other types of bait like boilies.

Its bright yellow color is highly visible, and the taste of sweet corn is irresistible. It can be used in prebaiting mixtures too, combined with baits like bread.

This bait is so effective that artificial corn exists too, and you can even use that to catch fish.

But, to be successful, you have to know how to use it, and I will tell you the basics in the last chapter.

Is Fishing With Corn Illegal?

Many anglers think that fishing with corn is against the law, and that it will get you in trouble. However, this is only partially true …

It depends on a location where you are fishing, and it is your personal responsibility to check up-to-date information before you head out to the nearest water.

The question you should ask is not can you catch fish with corn, but is it legal to do so in a specific location.

Different states and countries across the world have different rules, and even within the same country you can have rules that vary from location to location. So, …

Is fishing with corn illegal?

Using corn as bait is legal in many places, and there is noting wrong with it. However, using it for prebaiting/chumming is against the law in many locations.

For example, corn is legal to be used on a hook, as bait, in almost every state in the USA, and all over Europe too, while chumming is more restricted and you will find a lot of places that have laws against it.

However, sometimes the law is not very clear, and it does not mention corn specifically. Laws written in this way usually have lists of forbidden baits, and if the corn is not on it, you can safely assume it is legal. But, just to be sure, you can check with the local authorities or ask a more experienced local angler.

The reason behind this is quite simple …

If used for chumming, corn will deposit on the bottom, and stay there for a while. Unlike bread and similar foods, it will not decompose as fast.

In the long term, if used by many individuals in the same location, it would make the water dirty, and potentially toxic. Canned foods frequently have all kinds of chemicals added to increase the shelf life and that should not be deposited in the water.

There have been stories that corn can actually harm the fish if they eat it, and that it has a horrible effect on their digestion, however, these claims have never been scientifically proven.

What Fish Can You Catch with Corn?

Most frequently, anglers use corn for carp fishing, however, you can catch all kinds of fish species.

Of course, every specie requires a bit different approach. So, …

What fish can you catch with corn?

Fishing with corn for carp

All of you probably know that carp loves sweet flavors, and presenting a tasty sweet corn can be great, especially in colder times of the year, when carp is a bit slower and prefers smaller bait. Carp anglers also like to combine sweet corn with a boilie on a hair rig.

To make it even more attractive, you can use all kinds of attractants and additional flavors available in tackle stores.

Fishing with corn for trout

When trout fishing is mentioned, many people will instantly think of fly fishing, but the truth is, trout can be caught I numerous ways, and one of them is by using corn as trout bait.

Wild trout is a bit less likely to go for corn, but those that are stocked in ponds, that come from hatcheries, will almost certainly bite it. They are fed with foods that contain corn, and the smell and taste of it is familiar to them.

Here you can learn more about what size hook for trout fishing you have to choose.

Fishing with corn for catfish

Every angler knows that a catfish will eat almost anything, and corn is not an exception. Use it in winter months when small fish won’t steal the corn, and present few kernels of sweet corn to a catfish. Sweet taste will attract it any you are likely to get a bite. Many anglers use it for chumming, and if the law allows it, try to do so.

Fishing with corn for bluegill, perch, crappie

Popularly called panfish, these small fish species also like corn. The best way to catch these fish with corn is to present in near the shore, on a simple bobber rig. If you are a complete beginner, I would advise you to try this first, before going for other fish species that are harder to catch.

Corn is small enough to be used on smaller hooks, which are suitable for this kind of fish, and the bright color will attract them from a distance.

How to Fish With Corn as Bait? Best way …

There are numerous ways to set up a rig for fishing with corn.

Equipment type and size, and a general approach depend on a fish specie you are trying to catch. So, …

How to fish with corn as bait?

Corn types and preparation

First, you will need to buy corn. You have a few options. The easiest way is to get a can of sweet corn.

Another option is dry feed corn, and the third one is the frozen one. The last one is in a way similar to the canned version.

Canned corn is already sweet and soft, and can be used as it is. Some anglers will add molasses, colors, garlic, or even professional attractants to make it more interesting. Spicing up is most frequently used for carp fishing.

Dry feed corn is cheaper, but requires more preparation. You will have to soak it in water overnight and then cook it. During that process, you have to check it regularly, not to overcook it. It has to be soft, but firm enough not to fall apart and to stay on a hook.


As already mentioned, the easiest setup is a basic bobber rig.

Depending on a specie you are fishing for, you will need the right rod and reel, appropriate fishing line, bobber, split shot and a hook.

Thread a corn kernel onto the hook directly. You can even add two. Add a splitshot above the hook to make it sink, and depending on a depth you are trying to fish at, attach a bobber. Size 6 or 8 hooks, and 4- or 6-pound mono is great for smaller fish.

You can use the same setup but without a bobber, to position your bait on the bottom.

Make sure that you cast gently, because corn can fall off the hook. Also, smaller fish can steal it from the hook, so every once in a while, reel in to check your bait.

Another option is to make a hair rig. This means that the corn is not attached on a hook directly. A piece of line, called the hair, is used to hold the corn. This method is used for carp, and you can add a few corn kernels, or pair one with a boilie.


So, now you know can you fish with corn!

This bait is simple, cheap, and very effective when used in the right way. It can also be a good back-up bait, because you can always have a small can of corn with you, just in case you need it.

To make it even more attractive to fish, try to spice it up, and adjust it to the specific fishing situation.

Just make sure to always check the local rules and regulations about allowed bait types!

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