Can I tow my Toyota Camry with all four wheels on the ground?

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Those traveling with a camper this winter may be wondering, “can I tow my Toyota Camry with all four wheels on the ground?” Our team at Hesser Toyota is preparing drivers for their trip with answers to the very question.

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Towing a vehicle on all four wheels behind a camper is called dinghy towing. Drivers who own a Toyota Camry from 1992-2011 will be able to dinghy tow it only if it’s equipped with manual transmission. Those with an automatic transmission are unable to be towed on all four wheels. All Camry models from 2012-2015 should also not be towed on all four wheels as they are all equipped with automatic transmissions.

How to tow a Toyota Camry

Older manual Camry models being towed behind a motor home require specific equipment and accessories for safe travel. Drivers must also observe posted speed limits and not exceed them in order to maintain stability and control on the road. When a driver dinghy tows his or her Camry, the vehicle must be put into “neutral,” and once stopped the engine should be left to idle for more than three minutes before towing again or using the vehicle, according to the automaker.

Before doing any long-distance travel, all Toyota Camry models should have routine maintenance performed to ensure they are equipped the trip. Drivers can schedule a service appointment with our service department at Hesser Toyota online or at the dealership today.

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