Breaded Crispy Plaice 10 in a box

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The convenience of frozen fish without any compromise on taste, Breaded crispy plaice fillets are pre-breaded with a golden crumb coat and individually quick frozen. The breadcrumb coating provides extra moisture, meaning even after they’ve been frozen, they’re still tasty and enjoyable at home. When you are ready to eat, drop into hot fat to cook through, and that’s it. Complete with chips, garden or mushy peas and a lemon wedge!

Plaice is a freshwater fish. It is caught in the north sea. It is mostly used as frozen fish fillets, ready for breading and frying in oil or fat. It is a very popular fish in northern Europe. They are very similar to flounders and dabs. This fish can be breaded to be sold as baby fish and chips and served with chips for the main course. This convenient fish product is perfect for eating at home or for taking away.

What Does Breaded Crispy Plaice Taste Like?

Frozen fish fillets are an excellent choice for fish and chips, seafood stews or curries. Breaded frozen plaice fillets are ready in minutes. Drop them into hot deep fat and fry until golden brown for wonderfully crispy fish with a delicate flavour.

Responsibly-Sourced Plaice

We’ve taken our sustainable breaded plaice fillets and wrapped them in light, crispy batter. These are perfect on their own or served with any of your favourite sides.

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