Blacked-Out Holosun 507c X2 – Shadow Systems EXCLUSIVE – Shadow Systems

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Exclusive to Shadow Systems, the Blacked-Out Holosun 507c X2 fits the optic cut on our MR,DR, and XR models, as well as other optic cuts that fit the RMR footprint.

We appreciate understated markings and sleek aesthetics. This special model features a subdued logo that is less visible than the standard Holosun branding on the 507C.

The HS507C X2 is an open reflex optical sight designed for pistol applications. The X2 Series pistol optics feature two improvements. First is the addition of Lock Mode from our 2018-2019 LE pistol optic models. Lock Mode, when activated, locks the buttons preventing inadvertent setting changes. Second, the buttons have been redesigned to compliment the Lock Mode by placing them lower and out of the way. Additional features include Holosun’s Super LED with up to 50k hours battery life, Solar Failsafe, Multi-Reticle System, and Shake Awake.

In the Box:

  • T10 L Key
  • User Manual
  • CR1632 Battery
  • Lens Cloth

Find screw and spacer recommendations for installing this optic on your Shadow Systems pistol here.

Restrictions: By buying this item from Shadow Systems, the Customer certifies that the Customer will comply with any and all requirements imposed by applicable U.S. federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and administrative policies.

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