Black Bitumen Paint

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Product Description

Carboblack is a black bitumen paint with great weather proofing properties. It is an ideal paint for asphalt, wood and steelwork to protect against damage from water and harsh weather. This solvent based bitumen paint dries to form a weatherproof film. It widely used in the agricultural and marine sectors. Uses for Carboblack include boat hulls; structural steel; concrete roofing, pipelines and asphalt surfaces.

Tips for applying. Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry and repair any cracks. Treat fungal or algal growth with Abicide Solution as directed. Stir well to apply by brush, roller or spray. Over coating with conventional solvent based paints will result in black bleeding through. To protect your surface from heat and UV light damage, you might want to consider coating with Carbosil Bitumen Aluminium

For an interesting alternative to Carboblack Bitumen Paint, take a look at green bitumen paint for a variation on this paint.

We are a proud member of the British Coatings Federation.

Coverage / Drying Times:

Theoretical Coverage: 7 – 10m² per litre depending on surface to be treated. It is recommended to apply 2 coats.

(Coverage rate can be affected by such variables as type and condition of substrate, type of application equipment and individual method of application.)

Surface dry: 2 – 5 hours.

Drying time will vary according to temperature and humidity e.g. the drying times quoted will be
significantly longer in cold, damp conditions.

Storage: Stored in good condition and in original un-opened containers has a shelf life of 12 months

Thinning and Cleaning: Use Palatine White Spirit.

(Coverage rate can be affected by such variables as type and condition of substrate, type of application equipment and individual method of application.)


Proper surface preparation is essential for the success of any protective coating system. Before you begin ensure the area is free from any dust, oil, grease, old coatings and surface contaminants.

For maximum protection prime bare surfaces with Palatine Zinc Rich Primer or Palatine Metal Primer.
For non-ferrous metals use Palatine Fast Dry etching primer.
Rub down previously gloss painted surfaces with fine waterproof abrasive paper and rinse thoroughly.


Best results are obtained in warm (minimum 10°C), dry conditions.

It is recommended that 2 coats of Palatine Carboblack Bitumen Paint should be applied by:

Conventional or HVLP spray.
Roller, Brush or Dip.

Mix thoroughly for approximately 2 minutes using a drill stirrer. A wooden batten at least 25mm wide is also ideal.
Apply an even coat using a brush, short to medium pile roller on smooth surfaces and a long pile roller on textured surfaces.
For spray application by either airless or conventional spray a dilution ration of no more than 10% is recommended with Palatine White Spirit by volume.
For application as a finish coat or onto wooden surfaces, a minimum of two coats is recommended.

What if the finish like on the Black Bitumen once it is dry?

When the Black Bitumen is first applied it may have a gloss appearance, however as it is exposed to the sun and fully dries it will get duller and have a matt finish

Can Black Bitumen paint be applied to galvanised steel surfaces?

Yes, the Black Bitumen can be applied to galvanised steel surfaces once the surface has been treated with a Mordant Solution or Etching Primer to etch to surface

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