5 Best Swim Floaties For Toddlers On 2022

Best Swim Floaties For Toddlers

Your little ones want to enjoy their time in the water. The cool and fresh splashes can definitely send them shivering in fun and excitement.

However, this doesn't mean that we can just let them have their way. As parents and adults, we have to intervene, especially in the aspect of their safety. Since they are not that big enough for your personal floatation devices, I do recommend that you let them wear the best swim floaties for toddlers.


These floaties have simple appearance and design. But definitely, they are effective enough in ensuring that your kids will remain afloat. They are also great tools for assisting children how to swim. It ensures convenience while removing their fear of the water.

So in this post, I will be showing you some of the ideal options for swim floaties for toddlers. Later on, I will showcase some of the essential guidelines in choosing this particular product. Let's get started now!

Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Vest

Many consider the Body Glove Paddle Pals as one of the safest swimming aids today. It received the approval of the U.S. Coast Guard, which means that it has all the qualities that made it exceptional for assisting kids when they are swimming. There are attached armbands on this swimming aid that will give them the convenience of paddling their arms without the fear of drowning.

It has to be noted as well that this utility has shoulder harness. The latter serves as extra protection so that children can't remove the vest on their own. It requires parental help to remove this harness. As a result, you can guarantee that once worn by your kid, it will remain in place. Furthermore, it also prevents the vest from being accidentally removed when your kid is sliding in a pool. Of course, it is already given that this swim aid provides the right kind of comfort to its wearer. Your kid will never complain about wearing this at all.


  • Capable of fitting children that weigh 30 to 50 pounds
  • Comes with an adjustable strap on the chest
  • Rear safety buckle ensures that the vest will remain in place
  • U.S. Coast Guard-approved swim aid
  • Doesn't have harmful chemicals.


  • No known issues.
Doji Kids First Floatie Swim Vest Life Jacket with Detachable Soft Fabric Arm Floaties and Travel Bag

Another excellent swim floaties that you can try is the Doji Kids First Floatie. This one features multiple ergonomics so that it can be used by your toddlers pretty quickly. The Doji Kids First Floatie features a patented design that allows it to adapt to your child's swimming ability.

Specifically, there is a swim belt and a pair of armbands on this swimming vest. You can remove each of the armbands if you deem that your young one is pretty confident on his/ her swimming skills.

This item is made from high-quality material. It features the combination of soft nylon and woven polyester for maximum durability and floatation. These materials are from parabens, lead, and other harmful toxins. Therefore, your kids are quite safe with this floater.

Moreover, this item is highly comfortable to the skin. It doesn't cause irritation or allergies at all, even in extended usage. I also noticed that this swim aid is not susceptible to chaffing.


  • Accommodates children with a weight of 24 to 66 pounds
  • ASTM-tested and Proposition 65 compliant to guarantee safety in use
  • Bright color for maximum visibility on the water
  • Can be packed compactly, thanks to its flat-pack design
  • Extra comfortable when worn.


  • The chest floater might be too big for small toddlers.
TOYSHARING Back Float Safety Swim Bubble Belt with Adjustable Layers Swim Back Float Secure Clip Buckle Waterproof Swim Float for Kids Toddler Baby Childrens Swimming Aids Belt Bubbles Floats

Swimming floaties that don't cost too much but has all the functionalities that can keep your kid safe in the water. Perhaps that's the perfect description for the TOYSHARING Back Float Safety Swim. It has a unique design compared to other swim floaties here.

But at the same time, there's a guarantee that it can aid in your kids in swimming while preventing the unwanted from happening. It is an excellent choice for beginners because of the buoyancy that it has. It can make toddlers float with ease. When worn, it is also comfortable, too!

This back float swimming aid has a snap buckle. The latter enables you to adjust the fit of this item. In this way, the chances of it being accidentally removed whenever your kid is having too much fun in the water.

Don't worry if this floater is using foam for its floatation. Let me assure you that the foam is not water absorbent. Therefore, it will remain light even submerged in the water. This swimming aid also features four split float layers. Add more floats if you want your toddler to gain extra buoyancy.


  • Can make kids that weigh 55 pounds or less float in the water
  • The non-intrusive design allows your kid to swim without obstruction
  • Foams are non-water absorbent and fully waterproof
  • Safety buckles ensure that it will not be removed while in use
  • No chemicals and allergens present.


  • The buckles might give discomforts to your kids.
Stearns Puddle Jumper Kids Deluxe 3D Life Jacket

Any parent would want swim floaties that can guarantee the safety and convenience of their children all the time. It is for that reason why I made a careful selection of swim floaties here. Among all the floaties that I considered, the Stearns Puddle is definitely an attention-grabbing option.

You see, this swim aid has a design approved by the U.S Coast Guard. It has been labeled as Type V/III life jacket for kids, which makes it extra-safe to use.

This floaty is made from soft woven polyester. It is rugged and durable. It is capable of withstanding wear-and-tear, punctures, and other forms of damages. Albeit that, there's an assurance that this life jacket offers a premium level of comfort. No skin irritations or other discomforts can be felt by your kids while using it.

Furthermore, the floaty features a kid-friendly design and color. It has that fun and ecstatic vibe that any child will surely love! You can use its adjustable buckle on the back to fit the floaty properly to the body of your toddler.


  • Can lift kids that weigh 30 to 50 pounds
  • Made from rugged and durable construction
  • Features a safety buckle to ensure fit and prevent accidental removal of the floaty
  • Made from soft and skin-friendly materials
  • U.S. Coast Guard certified life vest.


  • No known issues.
New Bounce, Life Jacket for Toddlers - Swim Vest for Boys and Girls 30-50 Pounds – Adorable Kids Pool Floats with Attached Arm Floaties, Safe Comfortable and Durable – Blue and Pink

The New Bounce Life Jacket for Toddlers is another option that you should consider. It is also a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life vest with arm floaties--just like the other options that I featured here. Therefore, there's a guarantee that it can provide protection to your young one while they are playing in the water or learning how to swim. There are adjustable straps that are connected to the arm floaties. These attachments allow this item to become the perfect vest for infants and children age 1 to 6 years old.

Of course, I will never recommend this swimming aid if it was not built with quality. The materials used in the construction of this toddler life jacket is durable and free from unwanted chemicals. It doesn't matter if your kid will use this item regularly. You can guarantee that it will not deteriorate. The combination of various polyester materials made it resistant to punctures and tearing.


  • Supports toddlers whose weight is 30 to 50 pounds
  • Can be adjusted to fit different body sizes
  • Made with durable and rugged polyester materials
  • Doesn't come with toxins
  • Colorful and highly visible design.


  • Comes with some convenience issues.

How To Choose The Best Swim Floaties For Toddlers

How To Choose The Best Swim Floaties For Toddlers

When teaching our kids how to swim, it is essential that we can provide them with proper guidance and protection. We can never be too complacent, especially when looking out for them in the water. One way or another, you might have heard already cases of kids drowning because of the absence of supervision. Of course, these tragic mishaps could also be due to the lack of safety gears.

Just like I said earlier, swim floaties are simple swimming amenities designed for children. You can't say that they have sophisticated designs and mechanisms. All they do is to make sure that whatever happens, their wearer remains floating in the water. Toddlers are still not capable of mechanical control for proper swimming and floating techniques. Hence, the use of these floaties, life vests, and other safety gears should always come into priority.

In choosing for swim floaties, some fundamental guidelines should be followed. Ignoring them could result in unwanted outcomes. You don't want to happen, right? Check out some of them here.


You want to ensure that floaties can really float. That's their basic function. You don't want to get a floater that can only carry itself. Once it is worn, it should be able to accommodate its wearer.

Exceptional floaties work like inflatable boats and kayaks. Once they are inflated already with air, they gain a certain level of buoyancy. When the level of buoyancy is higher than the weight of its wearer, it will cause the latter to float in the water. That's the very reason why a simple life jacket can carry heavy people. Standard life jackets have high buoyancy so that they will be able to support varying body mass.

Fortunately, floaties are only designed for toddlers. Obviously, our little ones don't have enough weight yet. Therefore, any high-quality floaties should not encounter any difficulties in lifting them. The ones that I have featured here are among those tested-and-proven floaties that are capable of preventing kids from drowning. They are extremely buoyant, which makes them equally great.

Check out this video that teaches the fundamentals of teaching your toddler how to swim:


Most of these floaties that are commercially available in the market are tailored from PVC or other related materials. Of course, you need to ascertain if the material that has been used in the construction of the floaties are rugged enough to withstand potential causes of damages.

A torn floaty is a horrific sight to see. No parent wants to witness such kind of predicament. After all, they consider these floaties as the lifeline of their children. If these things get torn or punctured while in the water, the safety of their wearers is in full jeopardy.

It is for this reason that it is entirely prohibited to choose floaties and other water safety gears that have poor construction. As parents, we cannot compromise their wellness and safety while swimming. As a result, it is indeed acceptable if you will settle for something flimsy. Forget about the price and other hesitation; if a swimming floaty possesses the right kind of durability, get it immediately.

The best swim floaties for toddlers can endure the test of time and use. Regardless of how often your kids use them, their rigidness will not weaken. They will always maintain their structural durability.

Safety Concerns

I already told that most of these swim floaties are made from PVC. In fact, it is quite impossible to spot alternative materials that can be used in constructing these floaties. Even those floaties that are labeled as "vinyl" are still PVC.

There's nothing wrong with PVCs. However, there's always this kind of hesitation when it comes to dealing with them. First, they can be environmentally-damaging. PVCs, after all, are considered to have devastating effects on the environment when not regulated. Because of these known facts, it is important that you get the finest floaties. In this way, you reduce the chances of replacing them. The longer they can last, the better it is for the environment. Moreover, it helps you save, too!

Second, floaties that are tailored from PVC can contain lead, phthalates, and other toxins. It is often warned by the authorities that parents should be careful in buying children's toys that are made from PVC because of this particular concern. When directly taken, these toxins can cause malignant health effects. Therefore, you need to do extra research before you decide on a particular product.

Meanwhile, the ones that I featured on this blog are guaranteed to be free from those aforementioned toxins.

Bottom Line

Seeing our young ones having a great time in the water is an enjoyable sight. They deserve to experience the delight of learning how to swim without having to worry about their safety or other nuisances. The existence of the best swim floaties for toddlers can allow all of these things to happen at once. I do recommend that you invest in them, especially if you are equipping your young ones the ability to swim!

In fact, these floaties should be present in the kayaking checklist of your children! Coupled with the best kayak for kids, the fun they can experience will be irreplaceable.

I hope that you learn from this article. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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