The Best Ratchet Belt That Will Make Your Trip To Outdoors Convenient

Best Ratchet Belt

Do you love spending more time outdoors? Then you already probably know the importance of wearing the right outfit outdoors, like what to wear kayaking and canoeing. Not wearing the right one will badly affect your protection and comfort.

And your belt is no exception! Yes, you heard it right. For instance, the best ratchet belt will provide you comfort, durability, reliability and will quickly keep up with you while you’re in the wild. It can help you improve your functionality, so you will be able to tackle whatever activities there will be.


This is because the ratchet belt is different from your traditional belt. Instead of ugly, messy belt holes, it uses specific buckle mechanism that ratchets down the belt, so it can be easily adjusted to fit any waistline. As a result, you will enjoy the benefits of high durability and longevity as they tend to naturally less wear and tear.

There are thousands of ratchet belt available in the market today, but here are the ones that you need to seriously consider. Please keep on reading below.

Mission Belt Men's Leather Ratchet Belt

On top of the list is this incredible ratchet belt by Mission Belt that is made from 100% genuine leather and features a functional minimalist design that will match your hiking clothes. Its leather strap has a width of 1.5-inch while its length has been made to be flexible with an impressive range of 28-inch to 54-inch.

But what’s amazing is that this belt is available in 45 different choices. There’s a wide range of color for the leather strap like black, blue, burgundy, different shades of brown and there’s even red combined to different buckle material and color. You will definitely find one that will suit your style and preference.

When it comes to its durability, you’ll be glad to know that the belt’s entire strap is actually scratch resistant. It is durable enough to withstand the casual wear-and-tear process, making it the best companion for your wild trips on the outdoors. Plus, it can be easily adjusted and will perfectly lock in place.


  • Leather strap and buckle comes in a sturdy construction
  • It features a minimalist design that will match various styles
  • It is easy to adjust.


  • Some users noticed that the belt’s buckle has worn out in the first year of using it.
KORE Men’s Top-Grain Leather Track Belts | “Express” Gunmetal Buckle

Kore Essentials has combined a top grain leather with zinc alloy buckle to produce a high-quality product in this belt.

Unlike your regular belts, this belt actually features a unique mechanism. At the back of the belt’s leather, you will find a track stitched into it that will give you more than 40 micro adjustment points with the use of its spring-loaded, ratchet buckle. This will allow you to adjust the belt as accurate as ¼ inch at a time to make sure the belt will perfectly fit you, unlike your old belt with messy, ill-fitting belt holes that tends to be too loose or too tight.

I was also pretty impressed to find out that the belt’s bucket comes with a built-in bottle opener which is very handy especially that a bottle opener is one of the top most things we always forget to bring whenever camping. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot fun to open a bottle of cold beer while you’re fishing on a lake during a hot summer weekend as you are scanning the underwater with the best portable fish finder.


  • It’s made of high-quality and sturdy leather
  • It will comfortably fit whatever your size is.


  • It features a no-stitch design that may not endure for a long period of time.
Lavemi Men's Real Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle,Elegant Gift Box

Our budget-friendly pick comes with high-quality features you will find in most expensive ratchet belt. For instance, it is made from high-grade leather to make sure it will age gracefully and serve you for a longer time possible. The fine leather is actually even wider and thicker in nature and is also scratch and moisture resistant.

This belt is available in an adjustable size that ranges from 20 inches and goes as high as 52 inches. It comes with a ratchet belt system that will provide you with 38 unique adjustments for a firmer and much comfortable fit. In addition to that, removing the buckle is a breeze, so you will not have any problem cutting the belt to your preferred size. It’s super easy to use too; locking and removing the belt is very simple, giving you an efficient experience.

To make things even more interesting, you can choose among 43 unique styles and colors.


  • It is made of reliable and durable leather
  • It has a high-performing ratchet mechanism
  • The buckle comes with a sophisticated look that will work well with various clothing style.


  • Some users complained that its buckle is not scratch resistant
  • It does not come with an instruction manual so you’ll have to figure it yourself how to use the belt.
SlideBelts Men's Premium Top Grain Leather Ratchet Belt

This is an amazing custom fit belt that has been designed to suit almost every waistline. It offers over 30 size positions, so you no longer have to worry if it will fit you or not. In fact, it can fit up to a waistline of 48 inches. Trimming the belt is also very easy, you will have no difficulty customizing it according to your requirements.

I was also impressed with its premium full grain leather that is durable, soft and flexible. You can relax for a little while as this belt will serve you more than you’ll need it to be. It will not get discolored, scratched and wrinkled. The leather has been combined with a removable, gorgeous buckle that makes the overall look of the belt classy enough.


  • You will have no difficulty using this ratchet belt even if this is the first time you’re using this type
  • It is made from durable, high-quality leather that can endure daily abuse
  • It’s very comfortable to wear.


  • The edge of the buckle is a bit sharp that it tends to scrape the leather whenever you are adjusting it into the right fit.
Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt With Automatic Buckle, Enclosed in an Elegant Gift Box

Marino’s ratchet belts gained a lot of well-deserved reviews. To begin with, a lot of its users love its ratchet design as it is very easy to use. All you have to do is to lift the buckle to adjust the belt. If you want to tighten the belt, you can just easily slide and it will auto lock. Its incredible locking mechanism will hold the belt in place.

This belt offers 38 amazing adjustment levels that will allow you to get the most comfortable fit possible. In addition to that, you can easily remove the buckle if you want to cut down the belt’s size to suit your preferences.

When it comes to its quality, Marino makes its belts with leather and polyurethane. Though it is not full-grain leather, it’s a material that breathes easily, repels moisture and will provide you with years of use. You will also love the quality of its buckle. It is consist of zinc alloy that is scratch resistant, sturdy and lightweight.

Finally, the belt was beautifully packaged in a gift box along with a nice leather key chain.


  • It’s durable and long-lasting
  • Its buckle is highly fashionable
  • It comes with a lovely gift box.


  • The leather will be worn out after using it for a year, so make sure you properly take care of it.

Best Ratchet Belt Buying Guide

Best Ratchet Belt Buying Guide

Of course, choosing the best ratchet belt is not a simple and direct process, every product has been uniquely created by its manufacturer. But it's not rocket science either, you just have to spend some time considering important factors to make sure the belt of your choice will suit your preferences.

Let’s take a look at these factors:

1. Strap

First and foremost, you need to check the belt’s construction to make sure that the belt is of the highest quality. This is the best way to know how long can a belt serve you or if it can get easily damaged or look worn-out.

Fortunately, most of the ratchet belts today are made of either leather or polyester, which is among the most durable material for a belt. Leather, for instance, is without a doubt an extremely durable material and if you go for a high quality of leather belts, then they will go for a long run. Genuine leather will not peel or crack.

What’s even great is that leather has an elegant look. In addition to its outdoor uses, you can pair your ratchet belt with suits if you plan on going to fancy parties or business meetings.
Polyester ratchet belts, on the other hand, can be a great alternative if you think leather’s a bit too formal for you. They are durable and tough enough to withstand day-to-day abuse and even lighter than leather ratchet belts.

2. Buckle

For a decent ratchet belt, you can conveniently wear as you explore the outdoors, you have to make sure that it is sturdy and durable. A metal buckle is your best bet for this since it is resistant to corrosion and rust.

A spring-loaded ratchet belt buckle is also more reliable and long-lasting compared to most magnet ratchet buckles that tend to stick and breakdown.

3. Locking Mechanism

It should also have a solid locking mechanism that will provide you with an effortless and efficient experience at all times. The belt should be easy to wear and easy to remove while its lock should hold the belt in place.

4. Easy to use it

The belt should also be easy to use. For instance, the buckle should allow you to make an effortless adjustment to the belt. It should come with several micro adjustments points so you can quickly trim down the belt to the exact size of your waistline say goodbye to in-between sizes.

5. Color

Choosing the color of the belt can make an outfit, but the wrong one will leave you looking like a complete mess. You can’t just throw any ratchet belt on every outfit of yours and expect it to look good. So make sure you know how to match your belt with your outfit.
For instance, a leather belt should match all of your other leather items. If you have a brown leather belt, it should be worn with brown leather shoes too, just like how any glossy belt should be paired with shoes that are highly polished.


Thanks to today's innovation, the ratchet belt has definitely improved the function of a regular belt. You no longer have to deal with a belt that is constantly too tight or constantly too loose, making your pants uncomfortable or falling off.

And noticed how stretched, marked and ripped the holes of your old-school belt? Well, there’s no doubt to that since the pin that goes through the holes does irreparable damage to these holes. This is something you will never have to go through with ratchet belt. This only means you no longer have to suffer from worn-down, ratty belt ever again.

So there you have it, the complete list of the best ratchet belt you will find in the market. I hope this article will be able to help you find one that will suit your style and preference. If you still have any more questions or suggestions, you would like to add, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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