The Best Louis Vuitton Bag for Everyday Use

When you think about luxury bags, I’m sure one of the first things that will come to your mind will definitely be Louis Vuitton. Am I right?

Well, there’s no doubt to that, even Forbes recognized Louis Vuitton to be the most valuable luxury brand in the world with celebrities, glamorous models and top names in the fashion industry as its loyal customers like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, and even Coco Chanel.


Now, you’re probably wondering why you should spend a hefty amount just for a bag when in fact there are thousands of bags out there that do not cost an arm and a leg. Trust me; there’s a lot of good reasons why you should own a Louis Vuitton bag. First of all, its quality is just amazing; in fact, its leather will look better through the years. It can actually be the greatest investment in your life.

And most of all, it has been designed to be very helpful for your daily adventures. So if you want to get your first ever luxury bag and you’re wondering which is the best Louis Vuitton bag for everyday use, then please keep on reading below. Take note that Louis Vuitton has produced a lot of bags already with different designs and styles, so choosing one might get a bit overwhelming. I hope this article will make shopping easy for you.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Graceful MM Beige Article:M43704 Made in France

This bag won’t be named ‘graceful’ just for nothing. First of all, it comes in a minimal yet classic design that can make your overall look high-end even if you’re just wearing a basic T-shirt and jeans. This bag can absolutely guarantee that you’ll always look gorgeous and eye-catching.

But this doesn’t end here. There’s more than meets the eye! It’s not everyone’s favorite just because of its gorgeous look, but because of how it can be very helpful to your daily activities. For instance, it has been designed to be light enough, so it will not feel like a burden to be carried around, making it perfect for women that are always on the go.

In addition to that, it is made of 100% genuine leather so you can be sure that it’s durable enough to resist any damages; in fact, it’s even designed to be water resistant. This bag will also allow you to bring all the essentials you need for the day since it has a spacious compartment. There’s also no need for you to worry that your hands might get hurt from carrying a heavy bag, thanks to the bag’s flat handle.


  • It features cotton-coated canvas that gives the bag a luxurious and elegant look
  • The handle is made of leather adorned with golden brass rivets
  • It has a large interior spacious enough to fit everything you will need for the day
  • It’s designed to be sturdy and to last a long time
  • It has a well-built magnetic closure to keep things secure.


  • It does not have any negative issues.
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Mini Pochette Accessoires M58009

Now how about for days when you don’t want to tote a huge bag around with you? Well, that’s totally fine, we all have our lazy days that all we ever need is an exciting and compact Mini Pochette Accessories in Monogram Canvas.

This is absolutely a fun way for you to bring your essentials; it can perfectly fit your everyday basics like your makeup, keys, and money. But what's great is that you can just quickly attach it into your bags too, so you can keep going anytime. It's going to be a classy way for you to organize your bigger Louis Vuitton bags as it can be the best home for your stray credit cards or tangled headphones.

I bet you can even bring this to your next trip to the lake. Speaking of lake, you might also want to read my article The Best Lake Kayaks – See What’s Hot On 2020!


  • It comes in an attractive design
  • It can fit all your basic needs
  • It comes with a metallic clip so you take it with you anywhere you go without the risk of leaving it
  • You can attach it into your bigger Louis Vuitton bags for more convenience.


  • Some users wish the chain is long enough so it can be carried around the shoulder.
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Key Pouch M62650

Here’s another great choice of a compact everyday bag you can depend on. Though this may be smaller than the previous one, the tiny size and stunning design of this pouch will make sure you will be able to bring with you all of your basic needs for the day without any hassle.

Originally, this key pouch has been designed to be attached to your bigger-sized Louis Vuitton bags. Well, you can clearly see it on the D-ring hook that can be found attached on this pouch through a chain. But this doesn’t mean you can no longer wear this bag alone.

I’m sure you will like its compact design as it comfortably fits into your palm. This is the perfect pouch for your daily needs like your phone, makeup, etc.; rest assured what’s inside the pouch won’t get easily damaged since the pouch interior is made of soft cotton canvas.

But what’s even great is that you can choose among three available designs, there’s the Damier Azur Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas, and monogram canvas; each has been created to absolutely look attractive and sturdy at the same time.


  • It comes with a compact design yet light enough to be carried around
  • It features an ergonomic design zipper closure
  • You can also attach it into your other Louis Vuitton bags.


  • Some customers find its size to be too small.
Louis Vuitton Monogram Macassar Canvas Porte-Documents Voyage PM Briefcase Laptop Bag Article: M52005

You no longer have to downgrade into a humble padded messenger bag just to carry around your laptop. If you are already tired of the same old, boring laptop bags and need a sleek, stylish laptop bag for work, then Louis Vuitton Monogram Macassar got you covered.

This durable laptop is a secure way for you to bring your laptop, as well as other important documents, wherever you are going. In addition to its main compartment, this bag also comes with a separate sleeve that will perfectly fit your tablet as well as an internal flat pocket which is ideal storage for your important documents.

But what I like about this bag is that it is super easy to carry. Its shoulder strap is made from leather and it can easily be adjusted so it will fit your requirements. And to make it even more convenient to use, a shoulder pad that has also been added to the bag’s strap; this makes sure that your shoulders will never be in excruciating pain while you are wearing the bag.

Though this bag has been covered with Louis Vuitton Logo, its design will still fit both genders and appropriate for the corporate world.


  • You can conveniently adjust the leather handle into your liking
  • It’s sturdy enough to survive daily wear-and-tear
  • It features a lock, so you’ll be confident that all your items are secured
  • It comes with a number of internal pockets so you can properly organize all your stuff.


  • There no negative issues reported from its users.
Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack M41562

This backpack does not only look good but is also a handy bag that is perfect for everyday use, especially when you're traveling. It makes carrying all your essentials a whole lot easier and more comfortable than carrying them in other types of bag.

Whenever you’re catching up with your hectic itinerary and find yourself running to catch a train or bus for your next destination, I’m sure you’d be happy that you’re carrying this mini backpack as it will allow you to move much more quickly. Plus, it will keep your hands free, you will be able to pay for things like bus tickets, much easier.

In addition to that, you will be able to carry your things in your backpack for a much longer period of time without experiencing any discomfort. This backpack put less strain on your body since its weight will not only be pulling one side of your body; the weight will be evenly distributed in your shoulders. They used a soft calfskin trim material for the bag’s back and they even added foam layer to make sure your back won't feel any pain or burning feeling whenever you're carrying it. It also really helps that the bag’s leather strap can be fully adjusted to your liking.

Well, all thanks to its designer Nicolas Ghesquière, he made sure that this bag will be state-of-the-art and brimming with elegance.


  • It’s comfortable to carry around even for hours
  • The leather straps are padded and can be easily adjusted
  • You can choose to hand carry it if you want, thanks to its big top handle
  • The main compartment is spacious enough for your essentials.


  • There are only a few pockets so it can be a little difficult to organize your things.

Best Louis Vuitton Bag for Everyday Use Buying Guide

Best Louis Vuitton Bag for Everyday Use Buying Guide

So what makes a bag a good everyday bag? Well, that’s an easy question. It’s not like you’re asking can fish see in the dark, but wait, can they?

Anyway, back to the topic, there are just various factors that you need to consider in order to find the perfect bag that will be able to catch up with your daily activities. Here some of it:

  • 1. Size. The bag’s size should be the first thing that you need to check out. You need to make sure that it is spacious enough to fit all the important things that you need to bring with you for the day like your wallet, mobile phone, planner, makeup, etc. If you’re a person who tends to carry several items every day, then you might want to consider a tote bag.
  • 2. Material. Make sure that the material of the bag is durable enough to endure daily usage. Fortunately, Louis Vuitton bags are made of high-grade leather which is the best choice of material for an everyday bag. Leather is not only wear-and-tear resistant but also look elegant and stylish.
  • 3. Shape. This is another important factor that you should not ignore. You might find slouchy shopper bag to be stylish, but it's not practical for daily as it is difficult to keep your things organized and to reach your things inside. Make sure the shape of your bag will make things convenient for you. It would also be great if it comes with a number of interior pockets.
  • 4. Functionality. Your bag should not only just look good, but it should also be comfortable to carry around and the straps should be easy to hold. I highly recommend bags that come with fully adjustable straps so you can customize its length to your preferences.

Also, you have to be really careful as there are lots of fake Louis Vuitton bags being sold in the market too, make sure you how to spot one.


Louis Vuitton has indeed given the world a lot of iconic bags. Though these bags come with an expensive price tag and you might be reluctant to buy one, always remember that it's going to be a good investment. The bags they produce does not only look good and fashionable, but they also come with impressive functionality and durability that will last for a long time; totally worth the price.

I must say, every handbag aficionado definitely deserves to spoil with at least one of these masterpieces. How about you? Which one do you think is the best Louis Vuitton bag for everyday use? Which do you think would be the most convenient one for your day-to-day activities? Let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you.

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