The Best Inner Tube For River Floating On 2022

Best Inner Tube For River Floating

It is summertime, and you are already feeling the heat of the sun. Where do you intend to go? In the beach? Well, they are too crowded, right? How about pools? Well, that spells the same predicament.


But how about rivers?

If that's your choice, then you have a brilliant mind indeed! You see, only a few people have taken an interest in curing the steam in their body in rivers. As a result, they don't get crowded. They are the perfect destination for family camping, group picnic, and anything in between. And if you are considering taking a dip, then I do recommend that you get the best inner tube for river floating.

Sure, you have exceptional swimming skills. But at some point, there are instances where you don't want to swim at all. Staying idle while floating is extremely enjoyable after all! That's where these inner tubes come into play. They are not only useful for children and people who don't know how to swim. They are perfect for people like you who just want to feel the relaxing ambiance of rivers.

Here are some of the top inner tubes that you should get.

Intex River Run 1 Inflatable Floating Tube Raft for Lake, River, & Pool (4 Pack)

We are all familiar with Intex here. After all, they are quite popular manufacturers of inflatable kayaks. The Excursion Series is among their primary opuses. But of course, it is a given that they have other inflatable items that you can use in water adventure. The Intex River Run 1 Inflatable Tube is among those high-quality floating devices made by this company. It is capable of lifting one adult perfectly. It can be used for tubing in rivers, lakes, or any bodies of water.

The design of this inner tube is far different from the conventional rubber tubes that are for rent. It is rugged and cannot be punctured easily by blunt objects. Moreover, it doesn't cause any discomfort. It will not generate burning sensations when exposed to the heat of the sun. It has a backrest as well so that you can relax your body while sitting on it. Some cup holders are integrated on its body. You can enjoy your refreshments while here!


  • Perfect for children and adults
  • Comes with a quick-release valve so that you can deflate it easily
  • Cup holders are present on its body
  • Made be rugged and durable
  • Features a mesh bottom to keep things cool.


  • No known issues.
CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable 4-Person Island Tube

This particular option is quite good, especially if you want your kids or teenagers to use it. One way or another, it has an excellent buoyancy, which is excellent for those who don't want to deal with sinking tubes. Based on my experience, this inner tube can carry an adult. However, it can only fit people that are not too heavy. Overall, this inflatable chair tube should give its users a fine time while they are on the river.

A backrest is integrated on the body of the Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider. That alone proves that this amenity can give you comfort even for extended use. You can sit and relax here for an entire day without your back aching. Of course, this item doesn't degrade easily when exposed to the heat of the sun. It also has a mesh bottom to ensure that your body remains cools without compromising the support that you get.


  • Made from industrial-grade vinyl for heavy-duty performance
  • Can resist degradation caused by UV rays
  • Comes with cup holders
  • Can be inflated and deflated quickly
  • Features a grab rope so that you can mount it anytime you want.


  • May encounter difficulties in carrying heavy people.
Intex River Rat Swim Tube, 48" Diameter, for Ages 9+

This one is affordable because it is specifically tailored for children. If you have kids that want to take a good splash in rivers, this item should be a good choice to get. The aesthetics of this swim tube is already a giveaway. The bold stripes give it a cartoon appearance. But of course, that also increase the visibility of this item. It helps you keep an eye on them while you are just on the side and watching them. Other than that, you can also find this item to be extremely rugged and durable.

This tube has been constructed with two air chambers. There are also double valves so that you can guarantee that it can be inflated or deflated quickly. The air chambers, by the way, ensures that this inner tube can remain buoyant all the time. These features are essential to keep the convenience and safety of your young ones. Because this item is durable, you can freely use it on water bodies. Aside from rivers, you can bring this item in pools, lakes, and beaches!


  • Tailored to provide comfort and safety in your children
  • Highly rugged design; not susceptible to wearing out or punctures
  • Ensures buoyancy all the time
  • Can be inflated and deflated quickly
  • Colorful design makes it highly visible on the water.


  • No essential ergonomics such as cup holders and grab ropes.
NRS AIRE Rocktabomb Inflatable River Tube

Do you want an ultra-tough and reliable inner tube for river adventures? Then you might want to check out the NRS AIRE Rocktabomb Inflatable River Tube. This one is probably the most rugged river tube that you can get today.

It is made for tough and extended applications. But certainly, you can use it as well for simple leisure and relaxation. This one comes with thermal welded seams so that water cannot pass through it. There is also a raft lace on its floor to ensure that it will remain impermeable at all times.

Of course, this river tube is comfortable to ride on. It is something that can give you utmost convenience because of its large size. Even if it doesn't have a backrest, you can still lie on it comfortably. AIREcell Technology is one of the key features of the AIRE Rocktatomb. The latter is an internal bladder system that secures the air inside it. This system ensures that there are no air leakages that will take place while you are using it.


  • Extremely durable
  • Prevent air leaks when in use
  • All seams are sealed to stop the potential entry of water
  • Capable of lifting heavy individuals
  • Provides a decent level of comfort to its users.


  • No known issues.
Bradley River Tube with Patented Heavy Duty Cover | Made in USA | Rafting Tubes

The Bradley Inner Tube is another fine choice that you should include in your shopping considerations. This one is ideal for individuals who weigh 100 pounds and up. It features impressive durability as well. Specifically, this one features a 1100 denier plastic-coated canvas so that it can be protected from various elements. It has a decent defence against UV rays and blunts impacts from sharp and jagged objects.

There is also a 1000 denier micro-mesh bottom that ensures coolness while you are riding it. The mesh also provides additional maneuverability. After all, it allows smoother water passage from below. Moreover, the mesh bottom can protect the inner tube from abrasion.


  • Features ample protection against damaging elements
  • Comes with excellent against abrasion
  • Offers fantastic maneuverability
  • Can be used in shallow waters where rocks are almost ubiquitous
  • Buoyancy is on points.


  • Takes time to inflate.

How To Choose The Best Inner Tube For River Floating

How To Choose The Best Inner Tube For River Floating

Exploring rivers is fun. It can offer quintessential forms of enjoyment, especially if you will take a good splash on it.

Aside from kayaking, one of the best ways to feel the majestic wonders of rivers is to take a dip in them. Of course, let me exclude those white water rapids because they are not meant for swimming and other recreational activities!

If one day you suddenly found yourself wanting to do tubing in the river, make sure that you have already an inner tube stored in your garage. These inner tubes enable floating to become an easier feat. They can let you fully enjoy the waters without having fears of you getting drowned. They are great for your kids who are still practising how to swim. They can be a great alternative for floaties, too.

Not all of us will require these inner tubes. But this doesn't mean that they are not useful to you anymore. They can always be worn, especially if you are a bit worried about your safety. You can also get them for your friends and family members.

In choosing an inner tube for river floating, here are some guidelines that you should follow.


One of the crucial considerations in choosing an inner tube is durability. The idea here is that you don't need an amenity that can be punctured easily. Otherwise, it can make you prone to capsizing. It is the same concept that applies to inflatable boats and inflatable kayaks.

Generally, we always choose rivers that are clear with physical obstructions. Of course, that's the better route, right? But you see, we are in the territory of our Mother Nature. It is quite unavoidable that we encounter sharp and rough objects while exploring its premises. Rivers are known for jagged rocks and stray branches. These objects are known for damaging items that have flimsy construction. Your inner tube is not an exception.

The inner tube that must choose should be made from durable material. Usually, PVC construction is the way to go. But there is still a lot of material combinations that could serve the purpose. Furthermore, the inner tube should be covered by canvass as well. It shields this item from the heat of the sun. After all, extreme heat can cause deterioration.

Quick Of Use

We need to remember that inner tubes are not inflated all the time. When not in use, they should be deflated. In this way, damages could be prevented, and their durability is preserved.

One of the problems when it comes to inflatable amenities is the actual process of inflating them. Yes. You guessed it right. Some of them are quite an ordeal to deal with. Some inflatable inner tubes can't be inflated (or deflated) quickly. One reason for this is the absence of pumps that will put air inside of them.

The last thing that you want to experience is pumping the inner tube by yourself. Aside from time-consuming, it is exhausting. It will deteriorate your strength even if you have not entered the water yet. Moreover, inflatable objects that are pumped by a human mouth is not that reliable. There are parts that remain squishy because air hasn't filled properly.

I know that inner tubes with pumps are costlier than those that don't have. However, I do encourage you to make them as your top priority. They can save you from a lot of hassles during your trip.

Here is a good way how you can use these inner tubes!


Inner tubes don't just work as floaters. Aside from providing buoyancy to your body so that you can enjoy floating in rivers, they can do other jobs.

A good inner tube will allow you to bring stuff in the water. That's the basic premise of it. Your small items like water bottles, cans, and other containers can actually be contained in an inner tube. Of course, you should seek those inner tubes that have cup holders so that you can carry these stuff with you. Alternatively, you can also opt for inner tubes that have mesh bottom or storage areas. They can allow you to bring a myriad of items while you are afloat!

Maneuverability And Comfort

When it comes to floating devices and swimming aids, maneuverability and comfort are two crucial things. First, you don't want to get in an inner tube that is stiff. You don't want to feel any irritation or nuisance while you are wearing them. If an inner tube lets you experience these things, then you should drop it already and find another one. Your goal here is to enjoy and to mind anything.

Any inner tube that can give you comfort is a good choice. There's no downplaying that fact.

Next, you have to assess if the inner tube allows maneuverability. Since rivers involve the flow of water, it is important that you can maneuver your way to them. In this way, you can freely move around. You can go from one point to another without difficulties. Of course, a maneuverable inner tube allows you to avoid obstacles and veer away from possible dangers.

Bottom Line

When it comes to river swimming and adventure, it is pretty important that you have the essential amenities with you. The best inner tube for river floating is just one of the many items that you can invest to ensure that you can have a fine time in the water. Personal floatation devices and sunblock lotions should also be included in your checklist if you wish your water adventure to be safe and convenient.

I hope that you learned something from this article. If you have other questions that are related to kayaking, swimming, and other water sports, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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