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Gulp lures

I recently purchased several different types of Gulp lures to use. I have gone fishing every day the past week and have had zero bites on any of the lures after hours of fishing at various fishing locations around Cape Town. I was very disappointed with the product as it has turned out to be ineffective every time. Will not recommend this product to anyone.

Great lures.

Have been using these for a 7 years now with great success.
The packet’s not great after it’s opened and you can lose the liquid and they dry out becoming useless. I take all mine out and put them in a small air tight plastic jar like a vegemite jar or similar. I just put some distilled water in with them to top up the liquid, all good. I dont use town water as I find it can have chlorine and chemical scents which might taint the overall effectiveness of them. I predominantly use the 3″ grubs in the freshwater version and haven’t noticed a change in softness. Maybe though the saltwater ones have been changed!?

Purchased in at Anaconda Physical store.

Last purchase bad quality

Hi I’ve been using Berkley soft baits your years now and have caught a lot of fish with them. But the last two packs of Blu Fuze 5 inch I have bought have come damaged/quality of plastic is falling apart. I am Hesitate of buying this product now as of the quality to cost is not worth it. Disappointed Burkley.

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Products are supposed to improve over time

I’ve been using Gulp since it came out and was very satisfied with it. I now have stopped using it because it has been changed to a too soft version. I routinely fish Montauk, NY on party boats and it’s always a topic of discussion between us. We all agree that we will not waste our money on an inferior product. Many online fishing Gurus are now spreading the word so I would think you need to change back or lose a lot of business.

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New formula?

We have used the 3″ minnow camo for years and had great success with it until this year….it is so soft it is rendered useless! If it isn’t broke why fix it ? Please go back to the previous formula. We are currently using another brand but prefer original product.

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….Used to be GREAT! Now? not so much.

For nearly 10 years now I’ve used GULP! almost exclusively for walleyes. No live bait fisherman could keep up with me when I fish with it. Late last summer somebody at Berkley must have thought it a good idea to change the formulation, making it too soft in the process. The stuff still works great… long as it stays on the jig-head(which now is only a matter of minutes). And at the rate of one gulp body per hit or bite, it now has become too expensive to use on a regular basis. We need to start lobbying Berkley to return to the old GULP!

… Read moreformula. If they think saving on production costs by cheapening the quality of the product is a good way to stay in business, they are mistaken. Whatever savings they make will be wiped out by the resulting loss of gross revenue. Most of my fishing buddies are preparing to walk away from GULP! products if the quality doesn’t significantly improve. I hope Berkly is listening.

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Why did formula change

Have been using Gulp for a couple of years now. I have noticed in the last 6 months the quality is deteriorating. The baits are softer and therefore can only be used for 1 or 2 casts. Wriggletails can only withstand slight nibbles before being ruined. Even changing out soft bait one or two times, there is no integrity left in plastic to hold onto jig head.
Why change formula?
I can’t afford to throw good money into inferior product.

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Catches fish, but at a cost.

Certainly isn’t a durable plastic compared to most soft plastic. Its easily damaged after a strike or hook up. The lure dries out and loses its shape if left on your rig as short as 20min. The worst part is the packaging doesn’t hold the scented liquid the lures are stored in. It leaks and whatever it leaks onto will smell like rotting bait. Hard to understand how the worlds leading tackle manufacturer can’t even put advice or warnings on the packaging to inform customers of the potential issues.

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Love Gulp, and I love the ocean.

Biodegradable and it works a treat too. These are actually made from food starch and the scent seems to be inside the lure. I feel much happier using something which is not just more pollution. I think they work better too, but admit they do smell a bit and can leak. I think the pros of Gulp far outweigh the cons.

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This bait works to bad its expensive,

Been using this bait (gulp shrimp) for years does it work yes .will I keep using it No. Seems that 9 dollars for six wasn’t enough profit, so they change the formula making it softer, now instead of catching 10 fish per bait your lucky to get one per bait thats if the small fish don’t rip the tails off, nothing like sticking it the consumer.

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Not the be all and end all

I have fished soft plastics since the 1970’s and Gulp while classed as a soft plastic is really a synthetic bait. The worst of them is that they dry out and leak in the tackle box and stink it out. I feel as though I may as well be bait fishing when I use them. I am now on my 10th year catching snapper on soft plastics and I still maintain that better fish respond to the true soft plastic much better than Gulp. I find that the “peckers” go to work on them and they are too stifff. Zooms, Bass Assassins, Atomic Plasmos and the Z Man/ Snap back r

… Read moreun rings around them for quality snapper fishing. Bream are the only thing on use them on these days. I threw the rest in the bin. Don’t let the advertising hype get you the Z man’s are a much better allround product OK on bream Expensive, they dry out, less quantity per pack

Great lures but tend to dry out if left out.

Its a love hate affair with the Berkley Gulp lures – for the fact that they work so well that so many people swear by them everywhere, the downside is that they smell and the liquid is near impossible to remove once spilt in a bag or in the car!

Of my few packets I have them stored in a Plano Liquabait locker tub which stores them in their liquid which in turns keeps them hydrated and ready to use – the downside is that I always spill this liquid on myself and smell terrible for ages after…

These lures work like non other – they are bas

… Read moreically bait. Made from real ingredients and into a soft biodegradable medium and then coloured and shaped to imitate critters, shads, worms, stick baits and other offerings. Fish seem to aggressively chase and attack these baits more frequently due to the fact that they smell appetising to fish – rather than relying on pure deception of a rubber lure. Sure scents help but I honestly think that these Gulps just have the winning edge in comparison to other lures on the market. There are also lots of different designes available in the Gulps and these come in lots of colour variations – some being the Nuclear Chicken, Pumpkin Seed (especially in the Prawn, stick bait & grub styles!) There are specific Nitro heads that go with these lures – they are good quality and have good Owner hooks, however any good quality jog head can be used without a drama! The only downside that I have directly faced with these lures is that they dry out – either while in their packaging or while stored on the hook while moving from spot to spot – especially on a hot dry summers day! They shrink to about 1/3 their original size and most of the time do not recover – even when put back into their origional liquid.

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