Bear Bangers and Screamers

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Bear Bangers and Screamers

Bear Bangers and Screamers safely deter aggressive or inquisitive bears. Bangers are safe, long-range pyrotechnic scare cartridges.

Bear Bangers, 15mm Bear Bangers

Bangers (For Wildlife Professionals Only)

SKU: 6000

Travels 30m (90’) downrange and explodes with a loud bang, scaring wildlife out of the control area.

$22.15 USD


SKU: 6001

Accoustic bird and bear deterrent. Produces a loud screeching noise over 75m (250′). Unfamiliar sounds scare animals.

$22.15 USD

Bangers with Green Trace (For Wildlife Professionals Only)

SKU: 6011

The Bangers with Green Trace are similar to our standard Bangers. In addition to the benefits of the standard Banger, the Banger with Green Trace adds a visual effect for increased deterrence.

$27.00 USD

6mm Sellier & Bellot blanks

6mm Sellier & Bellot Blanks

SKU: 6050

6mm Blanks are used to propel 15mm pyrotechnic scare cartridges. For use in all 6mm launchers.

$11.35 USD

Margo Thunderstick Launchers

Margo Thunderstick Launcher

SKU: 5800

The Margo Thunderstick Launcher is a non-gun 15mm pyrotechnic scare cartridge launcher. Uses 6mm blanks. Safe, simple, and easy to clean.

$118.50 USD

The Record Double Shot Launcher from Margo Supplies

Record Double-Shot Launcher

SKU: 5101

The Record Double-Shot Launcher doubles your deterrent power for more aggressive hazing of birds or bears. Hammer auto-cocks for rapid firing.

$47.40 USD

Record Single-Shot Launcher from Margo Supplies

Record Single-Shot Launcher

SKU: 5100

The Record Single-Shot Launcher is a popular bear deterrent and also to prevent bird crop-damage. Simple, reliable, and affordable.

$37.70 USD

RG-59 Five-Shot Launcher from Margo Supplies

RG-59 Five-Shot Launcher

SKU: 5500

Revolver launcher for .380 blanks. The larger blanks can be used as a standalone deterrent.

$209.60 USD

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