Are Speckled Trout (Sea Trout) Good To Eat

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Are Speckled Trout (Sea Trout) Good To Eat

Are Speckled Trout good to eat? YES! Speckled Trout are one of the most delicious fish in the sea. They can be grilled, baked whole, fried, and even ceviched! Their meat is white, tender, and has a subtle sweetness. You can get some nice fillets off of any keeper sized fish.

My favorite way to prepare any fish I am new to eating is to bake it whole first. When you bake a fish, you actually get to taste the flavor of the fish. Other ways of cooking usually mask the fish flavor.

To prepare a fish for baking, all you need to do is gut it, take the gills off, and scale it. Your fish is now ready for some action! Luke and I love to stuff the fish with lemon, garlic, rosemary, and thyme. We then put a light coating of oil on the fish and season both sides with salt and pepper. Wrap the fish in tin foil and bake at 450 for 18-20 minutes. Check your fish, you know its done when the meat easily flakes off the fish. If it doesn’t, put the fish back in the oven and continue to check until its ready!

Serve this with your favorite side of some green beans, mash potatoes, collards, fries, Mediterranean salad, broccoli, or brussel sprouts. Mmm M mmm I can’t wait to cook up another one!

More Speckled Trout Information

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