Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal reviews in Water

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I try and find drinks that are low or no cal and this one is great. I like to freeze it and drink it like a slush. I find that many low cal drinks taste like artificial sweeteners but this one is light and refreshing. I keep them on hand so I don’t fall into the late afternoon pop trap.

I don’t usually go for anything but straight up H2O! I was suprised because usually I don’t like anything but water, but this was awsome and tasted so good. I willdefinately reach for this more often.

I will admit that I love Aquafina Plus Vitamin water, but I am not really a fan of the 10 Calorie line.
The first time I had these was when I had the flu, my doctor actually recommended them because of how long I had been sick and was still not on the mend yet. Even once I got better I continue to purchase the regular Aquafina Plus Vitamin water whenever it was on sale. When I saw the 10 Cal version come out I was excited to try them, sadly they were not as good as I expected them to be. Dont get me wrong they are ok but not as good as the original version. If I had a choice I would stick wtih the original version. These to me are way too sweet and because of this I found these made me very thirsty. I have heard there are new flavours available which I may try but for me personally the original are the best.

I like these! They don’t have much flavour, but they definitely quench your thirst. Favourite is the Lemonade!

Although these are great for replenishing electrolytes, it just didn’t cut it for me.
I love the regular calorie ones, but these have that awful artificial sweetener taste.
I would not be repurchasing again. :/

the taste is fantastic,,,,,,,,,,it gives you extra energy without any side effets,,,,,,,,,,,it is a wonderful drink

This tastes like vitamin water, which is like watered down crystal light

I love the Aquafina Plus Vitamin Water in itself, however the 10cal always leave an after taste.
Flavor variety is slim.
But its good value for the buck.

This product had great flavor and was very thirst quenching , so nice to know it’s only 10 calories . Being pregnant is making me amp up the fluids , what a wonderful way to do so without the caffine extra sugar and calories . Great Product .

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