Apply for Stucco & Siding Replacement

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Oakland is experiencing a network outage that is affecting key services such as Oak311, permitting and business tax. Several non-emergency systems including phone lines within the City of Oakland are currently impacted or offline. Thank you for your patience while we work to restore services.

Please review the Permit Requirements below as these vary from project to project.

Ready to get started? First, make sure you are registered and activated at our Online Permit Center. For instructions, please visit our Planning & Building Video Tutorials webpage.

A Building Permit and Zoning Review are required to replace or repair stucco and siding.

Be prepared to provide the following:

Once we receive your application and have created it in our system, we will review your application. If your plans require corrections or if we need further information, we will contact you. If your application is approved, we will contact you to issue your permit.

Permit processing varies based on staff complexity and project complexity. Please see our Average Permit Processing Turnaround Times webpage for the latest estimates.


Call (510) 238-3891 or find quick answers through our Permit & Services Questions Portal. You may also schedule an appointment with Permit Counter staff during open hours.


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