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Dakota Lithium | 36V 100ah Trolling Motor Set | 11 Year USA Warranty 2000+ Deep Cycle Battery | Charger Included | 3-Pack

Price: $2,399.99

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Product Description

angled 36v 100Ah grass
36v 100Ah
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Dakota Lithium Power:

Dakota Lithium’s batteries were born in the rugged landscape of North Dakota and are backed by a “Best in Class” 11 Year Commitment.

12v 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

We’re In Business to Help People & Our Planet

Here at Dakota Lithium, we create energy products to help people with deep cycle battery applications and long-lasting energy storage. We’re here to power your passions. We believe that quality makes a difference, and that quality is measured by lifespan – how long a battery lasts. Dakota Lithium lasts 4x longer than traditional batteries, providing lasting value for our customers, and reducing waste and the impact on our planet.

  • Committed To Excellence: All Dakota Lithium Batteries are backed for 11 years.
  • Built To Last: Dakota Lithium batteries last so long that the cost per use is a fraction of traditional batteries.
  • Built Smarter: All Dakota Lithium Batteries include Battery Management System (BMS) technology that controls cell balancing, low and high voltage cutoff, and short circuiting.
USA Based Support & Sales

Built with American Innovation in Design, Engineering and supported by our Friendly USA based Support & Sales.

Clean Earth Impact

Our batteries have NO Cobalt or Rare Earth elements. Being built with Non-Toxic materials, each battery has exceeding long life over 2000 cycles.

Smart Electronics

Each battery is equipped with our BMS (Battery Management System) technology. Giving you confidence with Cell Balancing, Low/High Voltage Cutoff, Short Circuit Protection and High Temperature Protection.

Charging Best Practice

To optimize your battery life we recommend using our Dakota Lithium charger. This gives you ease of mind knowing your battery and charger will work perfectly together. If you already have a charger, please make sure it has Lithium settings as using SLA/AGM charger can harm the battery and longevity.

12v 7Ah Battery 12v 10Ah Battery 12v 18Ah Battery 12 23Ah Battery 12V 54Ah Battery
Nominal Voltage 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V
Storage Capacity 7 Ampere Hours 10 Ampere Hours 18 Ampere Hours 23 Ampere Hours 54 Ampere Hours
Size 5.94” x 2.55” x 3.74” 5.94” x 2.55” x 3.78” 5.94″x 3.95″x 3.78″ 7.12” x 3.03” x 6.57” 9.01” x 5.43” x 8.38”
Included BMS
Weight 2.2 Lbs 2.8 Lbs 6.4 Lbs 6.4 Lbs 17.6 Lbs

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