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Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 8.35 x 7.68 x 3.19 inches
Package Weight 0.41 Kilograms
Brand Name CleanWaste
Material Plastic
Suggested Users womens
Part Number SG_B01M8MG817_US

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Cleanwaste Wag Bags Toilet Kit Pack of 6

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We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

Brand CleanWaste
Material Feature Biodegradable
Material Plastic
Item Form Bag

About this item

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  • Kit includes: Secure puncture-resistant zip-close disposal bag, Poo Powder gelling agent
  • Complete with toilet paper and hand cleaner
  • Prevents spread of disease with no spills, splashbacks or waste contact
  • Use it, seal it and toss it as normal trash, multi-pack options

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Product Description

Biodegradable double bag system approved for disposal in regular trash. Formerly called the WAG BAG, kit includes a waste collection bag pre-loaded with Poo Powder waste treatment, a zip-close disposal bag, toilet paper and a hand sanitizer. Poo-Powder gels waste and makes the waste kit spill proof. Use with the Go Anywhere portable toilet, on the ground or with any portable toilet. Available in singles. Go anywhere toilet kit.

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Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2022

Easy to use and dispose of. I don’t want to empty a camp toilet at the end of a trip.. yuck these bags have tissue and hand cleansing wipes! Everyone should carry one for any car trip ! You can buy the power separate and make your own bags too!

Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2020

Used these with my kids on an overnight backpack trip this last weekend. Had to pack out solid human waste. These bags are big enough to fit over a five-gallon bucket so they make an easy target when you are squatting in the woods. A little powder in the bottom to help with solidifying (I didn’t watch it long enough to find out if that did anything or not). Sturdy ziplock bag to double-bag it in. IT STILL STINKS. Bring another bag to triple bag or something because there is still a faint but noticeable smell of poo for the remainder of the hike.

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Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2019

I used these on a recent snow camping trip and they worked very well. I was able to make use of my bag a couple of times and it still fit well within the outer zip-close bag, while still being nice and compact. Other wag bags I’ve used had a shiny, mylar outer bag, and that’s a problem because the shiny material attracts the interest of ravens (last year we came back to camp to find that ravens had strewn our waste across the snow). These are a nice, nondescript grey on the outside and the birds leave them alone. My only complaint is the tiny amount of TP and pathetically small wet wipe that fell apart when I tried to use it. In the interest of camp hygiene, pack extra TP and wet wipes!

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Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2017

Our boat does not have a toilet so this worked well for days out on the water. I just put them inside a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat lid. Others in the Q&A responded that you can use each bag multiple times. Which given the duration of our trip and only having the 6-pack, I did use each bag multiple times. I would say 2 times is the limit and even then, be aware that the contents are no longer solid. The bags are strong, and I didn’t experience any odors. I wish they were not as expensive per bag.

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Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2019

I have carried these in my vehicles for unforeseen emergencies ever since commuting through the Seattle/ Bellevue area became a thing in my life. The kit makes them clean and easy to use. FAR PREFERENTIAL to the disgusting and often unsafe city facilities IF you can even find or get to them. These have come in handy with the kids at lake outings, and I know we are doing our part to keep the park and camp environments clean, safe, and in working order for others too. I wish everybody would carry these with them.

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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2020

These bags are incredibly useful for “pack out only” camping. Do not expect them to fully mask the scent by the second or third day of them sitting. They work but it was a smelly hike back to be honest!

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Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2018

Had the most beautiful bowel movement of my life into one of these bags! I was in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. There were wildflowers in full bloom all around, and I had an incredible view down the valley. I dropped my pants and and put my behind into a kitchen sized trash bag and dropped that load. I wiped myself with included toilet paper and a wet one to ensure a clean back side. I then stuffed the trash bag full of digested trail food into the included zip top bag. Packed out that bag-o-poo without smelling it the next day.

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Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2021

These were very durable bags and great for Zion where ‘things’ have to be packed out. Also very light so when not being used the bag was compact and didn’t add too much weight.

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Just do it!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 29, 2018

Why on earth do people still use porta potti and all those nasty chemicals? We have a cleanwaste loo in the camper. These bags are perfect. The delivery was super speedy.

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