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Lead Melting Pot for Fishing & Bullets Molds Kit. Electric Melting Pot for Lead,Crucibles for Melting Metal,Lead Molds for Fishing Weights. Suitable for Fishing Weight Molds & Metal Pendant(300W)

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Material Stainless Steel
Color Yellow
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.17 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches
Shape Round
Number of Pieces 2

About this item

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  • 【Great for casting enthusiasts】: The pot isn’t huge, but it must be a very useful little tool on your casting road. Its perfect to make buckshot, fishing anchors, metal casting and more. Can melt pewter, lead, and metals with similar melting points. It takes about 10 min or so to initially melt the lead put in it, Once got a bar of lead in pot melted melted other bars very easy poured lead in to molds and came out perfect great product.
  • 【Upgrade Materials and Rapid Heating】: The tin melting pot is made of high-quality titanium-plated stainless steel and metal heating core (nickel-chromium wire), which is resistant to high temperature, fast heat conduction, fast heating, corrosion resistance, and can be rotated 360 degrees. The outer metal heating core is designed with double sleeves for longer service life.
  • 【Heat resistant handle and Welding Gloves】:The handle is made of high temperature resistant material, it will not get hot, it is comfortable to hold and easy to carry. Each package comes with a pair of welding gloves. Double protection, beautiful and durable.The included insulation tool fits the size of the pot. It’s sturdy and you don’t have to worry about tipping over.
  • 【Temperature control and one key switch design】:Handheld lead melting furnaces feature a temperature-controlled design, can maintain a stable temperature. So you don’t have to always be unplugged to prevent overheating to get the temperature you want.(can be adjusted at will from 302 fahrenheit to 842 fahrenheit). One key switch design makes your casting work more convenient.
  • 【Notice】:When you use it for the first time, it will emit smoke. Because initial heating burns off manufacturing oils. this is normal phenomenon!When you do casting work, do this in a well ventilation outdoor environment, and not when it’s raining or when the humidity is above 90%. Wear protective gloves and a fume proof mask.

Product Description

Tin pot size

The size of the pot is not large, is the small companion for your casting work. It’s very dedicated to making bullets, fishing tools, buckshot, all kinds of DIYs, and more. Can melt pewter, lead, and metals with similar melting points. Equipped with new stabilization tools, don’t worry about any problems.

As a hint it will work faster if you leave about 1/3 still melted still in it before adding more lead to melt.

Rapid Heating

The perfect combination of high-quality titanium stainless steel and high-quality nickel-chromium wire heating core prolongs the service life and accelerates the heating speed.

Innovative Safety Insulation

Equipped with safety insulation tools. Fits perfectly to the size of the tin stove to make the pot sit safely on this tool. Perfectly protects your workbench from damage.

Advanced Welding Gloves

When he starts working, all but the handle gets hot. We have equipped you with high-quality welding gloves to increase the safety of use and completely solve the hidden safety hazards!

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