A look back at Shrewsbury’s Lake Quinsigamond area

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By Michael Perna Jr., Contributing Writer

Shrewsbury – Here we have an example showing the many changes that have taken place around Lake Quinsigamond in the last 70 years. Of course, the most notable changes are that the bridge shown here has been replaced by the ultra-modern Burns Bridge and the fact that the once famous White City Amusement Park (to the right side of the photograph) is long gone. On the western shore, south of the bridge, can be seen the dance hall, bowling alleys, and other structures that were part of Lincoln Park, now replaced by an elderly high-rise building and modern condos. To the north of the bridge, what is now Regatta Point State Park, can be seen as a number of docks and a small beach. On the west side of North Lake Avenue are fields that were part of the Worcester State Hospital grounds, now occupied by the Army Reserve armory, the UMass hospital complex and a number of homes. At the White City, we can see the rocket ship ride that used to swing out over the Lake, along with the Miss White City tour boat moored in front of it. All of the buildings across the street along Route 9 are also long gone. All in all, the area looks very different than it did in 1948!

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